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Paul and the Shipwreck


“Focus on the goal and the mission, no matter your fear, circumstances or distractions.”

Joy and the Quantums are helping with a disaster relief effort. However, the circumstances are so arduous that Joy soon finds she doesn’t have the strength to continue, even though her heart is in the right place. At her lowest moment, Superbook takes the kids back in time to meet a man who is also facing adversity. The kids land onboard a ship taking a prisoner, named Paul, to face authorities in Rome. Before he gets there, Paul must face one disaster after another, and when the journey seems the most dire, God gives him the strength to carry on and even minister to others in the their darkest hours. Joy is uplifted my sharing Paul’s journey and his miracles in Malta. Joy then returns, through time, to the relief project so filled with the Spirit that no hardship can stop her now.

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