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The Road to Damascus


No matter how bad you are, or what you have done, God can help you change. 

When a delinquent teen enters Chris and Joy’s life, they don’t see any chance of him changing his ways. However, Superbook takes our heroes on a journey to the early days of Christianity, where they encounter a man named Saul of Tarsus, who also seems to be an impossibly hard case. His violent actions towards the church take a startling turn on the road to Damascus. There, the kids witness Saul’s miraculous conversion and follow him to his healing and baptism at the hands of Ananias. Once the persecutor, Saul, now called Paul, finds himself becoming the persecuted, and our kids are instrumental in his exciting escape over the city wall and away from others bent on rooting out Christianity. The children’s involvement in this exciting story of conversion brings them home with a renewed hope that amazing change is always possible with God.   


– MTRCB Rating: General Patronage


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