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The Last Supper


Jesus is a true king because He serves and asks us to do the same. 

Chris and his band have been invited to audition for an American Idol-like show, called World’s Best Band.  The “success” goes to Chris’ head and he becomes comically unbearable to live with; he is becoming a superstar in his own mind and he wants Joy and Gizmo to treat him accordingly. Superbook whisks the kids off to Jerusalem as Jesus is making His triumphant entrance. Chris is enamored with the fame Jesus seems to have, with the crowds cheering Him, with the “entourage” of disciples around Him, and with the fact that everyone is talking about Jesus becoming king! However, through the course of his journey, which culminates at the Last Supper, Chris comes to learn how wrong he is about his attitudes about power and fame. He sees in Jesus a focus on humility and service that touches him deeply. Chris, Joy and Gizmo ultimately return home and Chris has a major shift in his attitude as he now begins to help his band members instead of lording his “fame” over them. Humility and service become his goals, instead of fame and fortune.


– MTRCB Rating: General Patronage


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