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Revelation | The Final Battle


God’s ultimate forgiveness will save us all. 

In a life-altering event, Chris accidentally starts a fire that burns down the Quantum family’s home. He believes there is no forgiveness for something this big. However, Superbook takes our heroes on a journey to show them that forgiveness—ultimate forgiveness—has always been a part of God’s plan for mankind. Chris encounters Satan in the desert just before the time of the Apocalypse.  As Satan attempts to lure the emotionally battered boy over to his side, simultaneously we see Joy and Gizmo have landed in heaven where John is recording the revelations being shown to him by God. These events culminate in the climactic moments on earth, when God vanquishes Satan and the new Jerusalem descends to earth. All who have asked God’s forgiveness are granted eternal life in His kingdom. When Superbook returns the children home, Chris faces his parents who are just thankful everyone is safe. This thing he has done, for which he could never be forgiven, is forgiven by his father, out of his love. Chris and his parents hug joyously and know that their house is just a possession that can be replaced. Chris has come to learn the true power of forgiveness and that God has an amazing plan for our salvation.

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