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He Is Risen


The relationship between a mother and son is to be honored. 

Chris is having an argument with his mother, Phoebe, and he’s displaying some 11-year-old disrespect for her wishes. Superbook appears, and in a very special episode, takes Chris, Joy, Gizmo and Phoebe back in time, for an encounter with Jesus’ mother Mary at a most trying time—her son’s crucifixion. During the astounding events that unfold—Jesus’ appearance before Pilate, the journey to Calvary, the crucifixion, and finally the glory of the resurrection—Chris witnesses Mary’s devotion to her son and Jesus’ love for His mother even when fulfilling His part in God’s plan for mankind. Chris’ respect for his mother grows as he watches her with Mary. When Superbook finally returns the family to present day, Phoebe miraculously has no recollection of the journey, but Chris, however, is a changed son. He apologizes for their argument and acquiesces to her wishes to attend a family function rather than a concert with his friends.

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