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A Giant Adventure


When God is on your side there is nothing you can’t achieve. 

Superbook whisks the children off to meet another youngster who had to face his own “Goliath” in a moment of crisis. Chris, Joy and Gizmo befriend the young David, who is taking bread to his brothers on the front lines, fighting the Philistines. Because David is small, everyone laughs when he says he will face the Israelite’s fiercest enemy—Goliath, the Giant of Gath. David is ultimately able to slay the giant because God is on his side in this battle. Chris realizes that if he faces his own “Goliath” (playing before a live crowd) and plays for God, there is no way he can’t win! Superbook whisks the children home and Chris is able to ace the audition and earn the position in the band.


– MTRCB Rating: General Patronage


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