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Melchi is a very active child. He loves boxing, biking and basketball. “Pagkagising nya sa umaga, dali-dali yan lalabas ng gate. kasi meron ngang pagka-hyper si Melchi,” relates Julie, Melchi’s mom. Her only concern is that when he is outside she fears that Melchi may get into an accident.

Then one morning, she found Melchi sitting in front of the TV watching and saw that he is watching a commercial for Superbook Reimagined. Melchi excitedly shares, “E kasi maganda yung istorya ng Superbook, si Moses na umaapoy yung puno! Excited na ako manood ng Superbook!

Every morning since then, Melchi waits for the weekly broadcast of Superbook and even asked his parents to donate to Superbook so that he can have his own copy of the episodes.

Julie is truly thankful for Superbook because she feels safe that Melchi enthusiastically watch the episodes and has a keen interest to learn the stories in the Bible and even shares it with his classmates.

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