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kenzo-testimonialKenzo loves to draw superheroes. But one animation TV program caught his attention, Superbook! “I’m excited to watch Superbook because I want to know the story of the Bible,” Kenzo shares.

His mom, Ces Funtanares, who grew up watching CBN’s Superbook and Flying House TV series when she was growing up was excited to know that a reimagined version would be airing regularly.

“Because of my experience watching Superbook, where I learned alot, I wanted to pass it on to the next generation, especially to my son, Kenzo,” declares Ces.

Watching Superbook with Kenzo became an opportunity for Ces to share the Bible and the message of salvation to his son. She was able to tell Kenzo about the love and forgiveness of God the Father to those who will put their trust in His Son, Jesus. Almost immediately, Kenzo received JEsus as His Lord and Savior.

Ces was very happy seeing hot enthusiastic Kenzo was to learn about the bible through Superbook. Kenzo is reading the bible regularly and does not miss an episode.

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