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11-year-old Chloe has a fear of being alone in dark places, even in her own room. This started after watching a horror movie with her cousins. That is why she always keeps her dog, Peaches, by her side.

That was her situation until one morning, her mom, Jenny, chanced upon Superbook Reimagined, and immediately asked Chloe and the entire family to watch, including her husband Jeff. Jenny grew up watching Superbook when she was young so she was very excited that there was now a reimagined edition.

Chloe now watch Superbook every week and the Season 1 episode, Revelation,  The Final Battle, is her absolute favorite. “Lagi pong natatalo ni God yung si Satan. Tapos kapag po nag-believe ka dun sa power ni God, lagi N’ya pong matatalo yung devil. Tapos po kapag po may power si God, pino-protect N’ya ako, pino-protect din N’ya tayong lahat. Di N’ya tayo iiwan,” shares Chloe.

After watching Superbook, Chloe is now able to enter rooms and places alone, even without Peaches, her dog! All because she has discovered the love and power of God and how it defeats all her fears.

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