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You may have missed watching The 700 Club Asia on TV, our podcasts are convenient options that will certainly fit your active schedule.  Listen to these rich audio resources filled with great stories of victory from life’s struggles.  These audio podcasts were designed to allow you to bring The 700 Club Asia wherever you go!  Use your iPods and/or favorite MP3 players to catch our latest episodes and special programs.

Full one-hour daily show
(MP3 Format, Stereo, 44.1Khz, 128Kbps)
Full one-hour daily show
(MP4 Format, Stereo, 44.1Khz, 128Kbps)
thru iTunes audio podcast
(for your iPods, iPads)
thru Email delivery
Download audio MP3s here
(for your MP3 players, any brand)
thru iTunes video podcast 
(for your iPods, iPads)
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iTunes is Apple’s free application for your Mac or PC. It lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer. It also allows you to subscribe and listen to The 700 Club Asia podcasts directly in the iTunes Store for free. Download iTunes from

To learn more, watch a video about subscribing to a podcast in iTunes.

iPod, iPhone, iPad

Optionally, if you want to play a podcast away from your computer, you can synchronize (or “sync”) the podcast in iTunes with an iPod, iPhone, or iPad device. These proprietary products are designed and sold by Apple.

To learn more, watch a video about syncing your iPod with iTunes.

File formats, explained:

We have quite a few file formats available for you to choose from when downloading an episode. When you’re looking at the Download tab on an episode page or selecting a feed, here’s what you’ll find:


We recommend using our MP4 video formats, depending on your available bandwidth. These are H264 encodes, listed from highest to lowest bandwidth.

The following players/devices should work with any of the MP4 formats: PS3, Quicktime Player (Mac/Windows), VLC (Mac/Windows/Linux), mplayer (Mac/Windows/Linux), Windows Media Player (with ffdshow), Miro (Windows/Mac/Linux), iTunes (Mac/Windows)*

High Definition (HD): 30fps, 1280×720. Our highest quality media. Compatible with most newer devices including Roku, second-gen AppleTV, etc.
Tablet (Large): 30fps, 640×360. Compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, Motorola Droid, first-gen Apple TV and other older set top devices, some late model large screen phones.
Phone (Small): 30fps, 320×180. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, PSP, most Android phones.


Audio Only: an audio-only MP3 file is suitable for listening on any program or device which can play MP3 files (which is most of them: iPod, Zune, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc).



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