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  1. I have grown up in a Catholic and very prayerful family. As a Child i watched my Grandma pray early in the morning long before the household starts to wake up and again at 6PM before all evening duties take place. My mother is also a devout catholic who relies on Mama Mary and her rosary as the ultimate armour for all that happens to our lives.

    I grew up in Catholic High School with Jesuit Priests and the ST Paul Sisters in College and even when i started my first Job. Our life was not easy. We had issues and problems along the way, but because we are enveloped in prayer, we knew that there was hope.

    Forward to about 5 years ago, my Husband and I ventured into a Photography business that went well. I was able to save more than enough for money in the bank and for shopping money. Then in 2014 the real struggle began. We opened a water station. Initially, we were earning until we started to plunge downhill faster that we can put in money to stabilize the business.

    My husband started to lose interest and I had to stand there alone making decisions with regard to hiring and firing our staff and trying to take control of our finances. It was not the easiest life during that time. Our staff were not honest and we barely had enough sales for the day to provide the salary and operating expences.

    Until finally in 2017, I decided to heed my husband and stop the business and sell the unit. I thought it would end just so easily. My life would be quiet again. We can focus on our Photography Business and I cam regain what was lost in savings.

    Or so I thought… He did not say it directly, but his words were blaming me for the loss. That I had mismanaged the business because I can’t manage the people. In my head I was screaming “I did everything by myself, while you were out there happily smiling at your phone and / or travelling alone. I was there when there was no staff to do the things that needed to be done. While all you did was complain and blame.”

    It was all in my head. I never said anything. Just sat there quiet. Taking it all in… the blame, the frustration, the self pity.

    In the midst of it all, i prayed all the time. No one knew my burden, but I told God everything. I asked for mercy. I asked for deliverance. I asked for discernment. I asked for wisdom. I asked for strength.

    Until the past six months when i noticed that I would sleep so late that it would almost be dawn before i go to bed and then wake up past noon. I was feeling so sad I could not find a way to be happy. Everyday I asked GOD to take away my sadness and give me peace of mind.

    Until recently in June, i felt a sudden change in my mindset. So sudden that I felt as if a black veil was lifted off my head. I did not feel really happy, excited and giddy, but I felt peace…

    Tha was about a week or two after watching the 700 Club Asia.

    I have always been a prayerful person, but i felt like GOD had put me in difficult situations not to test my faith in HIM, but for me to appreciate the sadness in order for me to find the PEACE i was asking for.

    To date, there are lapses. Sometimes I still feel sad, but no longer to the point where I can’t find the way back to happiness.
    I have found my Inner Peace. I continue to struggle in life, but still I never cease to pray and trust that GOD will lead me all days of my life.

    • Hi Judith, thank you for sharing your testimony. We appreciate it very much. God is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Trust that He knows what He’s doing. Trust that He has an appointed time, and it is the best time to bring to pass His promises in your life! Jesus loves you very much. Feel free to get in touch with us for any of your concerns at 73 70 700 or email us at God bless you.

  2. As a pastor’s daughter I was given deep spiritual roots by my parents. The incest began when I was two as grandpa molested me while treating me to ice cream. Unprotected and vulnerable he entered my bath time without the knowledge of anyone in my family. Taking me in his car, he exposed himself to me numerous times asking for sexual favors. He told me not to tell so I didn’t.

    As a child, I was intensely shy, quiet, very trusting, sad, withdrawn and extremely vulnerable. Like a deaf mute, I became silent about it for decades, desperately wanting to tell someone what was happening in my silent world of memories. Like the silent falling snowflakes, no words came out; no voice was heard. There were only tears late at night when no one but God was listening.

    At age five, I woke my mother up in the middle of the night screaming hysterically! She knew I had a nightmare and assured me, “Mommy’s here. You’re OK.” Sobbing and frightened, I kicked her while hysterically screaming, “You’re not my mommy!” She recalls that I looked so very scared that it frightened her terribly! She would hold me close and pat me for about half an hour until I went back to sleep.

    The second abuse began at age eleven. “Shhh! Don’t tell!” This is what the stocky and balding twenty-seven year-old youth pastor told me as he gave in to his uncontrollable urge to molest me. He singled me out, as if picking the sweetest, ripest, freshest, undefiled oranges at the supermarket. The details of those events are as vivid in my memory as if they happened yesterday. He fondled me underneath my bathing suit while he laughed and joked at the swimming hole. He whispered in my ear, “This is our little secret; keep it to yourself; don’t tell!”

    My parents trusted everyone, thinking I was safe from predators, not realizing that these child molesters – who they knew – were hurting me and others, luring us all into their deceitful web!

    As I grew into pre-adolescence, I looked undernourished and anorexic. The signs are all there in my pictures. I drank milkshakes to gain weight and didn’t understand why I was so skinny. I never gained weight and I never liked the way I looked. I thought I was ugly. I didn’t go through puberty when my friends did. I was mortified at the age of sixteen

    when I hadn’t started my monthly cycle my mother had to take me to the doctor for hormone shots to make my body begin doing something that should normally have started by then.

    Victims of sexual abuse – male and female – become stuck in both an emotional and physical time frame. The body shuts down physically and emotionally, and actually becomes unable to function as it should. As a teenager, I felt lifeless inside, was filled with shame and scared that my smile became forced. I had few close friends and my schoolwork suffered. I studied so hard for tests, but because of the post traumatic stress disorder and memory blocks it forced me to blank out. Testing was very difficult so I resorted to cheating just to pass. I never dreamed I would become an author, but it shows that God can make something out of what appeared to be nothing.

    As I grew into young adulthood, I felt as if a wrecking ball had come down on my head and shattered my life like a mirror into a million pieces all over the road of life. Just like all the king’s men in “Humpty Dumpty,” I had no idea how to put myself together again. This huge puzzle with its scattered pieces created in the image of God, but in my

    shattered state, it was impossible to realize that image. I had been betrayed and because of that betrayal and the thirst the perpetrators had to “feel good,” I will never be the same!

    My freedom day was October 1998. That day was a huge step of courage and freeing my soul from shame. After our son’s wedding I was finally able to relax. Everyone except my parents had left our home. Dad was in a different room while my mother and I watched television. The Oprah Winfrey Show was on. I remember it was about confronting your past. I admired the courage and boldness it must have taken on the part of those who were speaking. My 83 year old mother and I were agreeing with Oprah and her guests about the importance of coming clean from whatever harm had been done to them. I felt as if I were living a lie. I remember thinking to myself, I wish I could do that! How I wish I could openly tell my mother about being molested by her father. But the secret of that hideous humiliation had been locked inside me by tremendous shame. Years of doubts and fear had bound me for decades! How come I don’t have that kind of courage? What is it going to take for me to tell? Questions I had asked myself over and over again. Just that summer I had mustered all the courage I had and finally told both of my parents about the youth pastor who had sexually touched me when I was a preteen at a youth camp years ago. But this deeper secret plaguing me was too close to home because it involved my grandpa, a church elder. The secret, buried for decades was now creeping to the surface. What energy it
    took to keep it under wraps. Would my mother believe me anyway? I lived with the fear my father had impressed on me when I told him about Ba Pa just three years earlier. “Don’t tell! It might kill her!” That’s exactly what grandpa told me after he molested me. I felt victimized all over again by my own father “Daddy,” I said at the time, “I know without a doubt that she was also a victim!” Two of my cousins had already told me that they too had been molested. I knew from what I had read that child molesters don’t stop at one victim. This dirty secret lying just beneath the surface was killing me! An abuse victim suffers in silence and by remaining silent, the effects of the abuse on my adult life was more devastating than the actual abuse.

    I turned off the TV when my father came into the family room and he began to chide me about my ministry to those “crushed in spirit” – drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, ex-cons – the world sees as throwaways. They were invited into our home out of prison and drug treatment programs. My husband and I had gone into a minimum-security prison and crack houses to minister to drug dealers. We had started to mentor those steeped in their addictive lifestyles. In climbing out of the pit, I was leading others out as I taught a trauma support group called Beauty Out of Ashes based on Isaiah 61:3. No doubt my daddy was afraid for my safety.

    Suddenly on that day in the room with my father, all the suppressed venom, like a poison from a viper, came out with an over flow of tears and sobs that I didn’t even realize were coming from me. I’m not an angry person, but what I failed to see is unless anger is dealt with, it eventually destroys you! When anger is released, it doesn’t mean that those horrific memories are forgotten, it means that you are released from the hatred that has settled inside your soul. I had never acted this way before. “Daddy, you don’t understand! The pain the people I work with aren’t any different than me!’ Why can’t I tell my mother? Ba Pa is dead but I did nothing wrong to deserve my being so dead inside my soul!

    I heard my father say, “Maybe you should tell her now?” Words I never thought I would hear that would free my spirit forever. Running to the basement where my husband was working, I grabbed his arm and told him, “Pandora’s box has been opened! You’d better come upstairs because I’m about to tell mother the dark, dirty secret of my past!” Weeping for the loss of my childhood innocence, I realized the importance of what was about to happen in relation to healing my family. I began telling my mother that I was a victim of abuse, not only by a clergy but by my grandfather and that he had molested her! Nodding at me, my father looked at her with disbelief as mother asked me, “Why oh why didn’t you
    tell me years ago?”

    Fear chokes the soul just as weeds choke the flowers in the garden. As my fear was released, this garden of my life could now bloom. When fear comes uninvited, it needs to become an offering to work through those fears in order to free your soul to live!
    Barbara Joy Hansen is an International Author & Humanitarian Aid Worker who will go to Davao City, Philippines Feb. 1-April 1 with her work with His Mission to those Jesus calls ‘the least of these.’

  3. I am a Humanitarian Aid Worker International Award Winning Survivor, Speaker & Author. My Publicist Bernice McNeaney, a former drug addict & alcoholic & I will be going for two months to Davao City, Philippines Feb. 1-April 1, 2017 for Human Trafficking work with a team in the middle of the night to rescue children as young as 4-18 from the streets from drug cartel! Rev. Paul Barner with Barner Christian Academy known all over the Philippines will take us into the jungle, mountains, schools, churches, orphanages, men’s & women’s prisons to share our inspirational stories of survival & hope 4X a week. I work with countless men & women survivors including alcoholics, heroin & crack addicts helping them come clean with their secrets. God has called me into full time ministry with the broken because of His anointing & my brokenness. I’d LOVE an interview on the 700 Club with my Book Promoter & Manager, Bernice McNeaney, a former drug addict & prostitute who God has set free during my time in Davao City, Philippines Feb.1-April 1, 2017

  4. Noong bata po ko iyakin po ko sakitin po ako. noong 4 yrs old po ko nagstart po ko kumanta. 6 yrs old po ko nagkasakit. tapos po noong kinder po hanggang grade 1 po naging pasaway po ako at malikot po ko sa school. noong grade to 4 po lagi nila po ko tinutukso, binubully inaasar po ako. pero sinabi ko po kay mommy ng gus2 ko po magtransfer sa private school lalo na po hanggang sa naabot ng grade 10. noong 2012 po ininvite nila po ko umatend ng campus min kung paano po nagbabago. tapos po umatend po ko ng encounter para magbago ang buhay po namin. noong sept. 20, 2015 noong sinabi ko po noon ay walang saysay ang buhay ko po dahil sa pambubully po sa kin pero tinigilan nya po ko ni lord ng itigil ko po ang ginagawa ko po. noong oct. 28 dumaan po sa kin ang pastora para magbibile study pinabasa po sa kin sa lucas 1:30-31 at john 10:31. tapos nagpray po ko. ngaun po nagbago na po ako. ang dami nagtatanong sa kin ung sa calendar kung anong ang araw. sabi sa kin paano ko daw nasaulo ko po ang calendar. sabi ko po noog 4 yrs. old po ko nagstart ng calendar ng memorize. maraming salamat po sa panginoon nagbago na po ako 🙂

    • Hello, Abegail! Maraming salamat sa pagbahagi mo sa amin ng iyong testimony kung paano binago ng Diyos ang iyong buhay. Masaya kami para sa iyo. Magpatuloy ka sa paglilingkod sa ating Panginoon at palagi mo Siyang unahin sa iyong buhay. Pagpapalain ka nang higit pa sa iyong inaasahan. Kung meron kang mga prayer request, maaari mo kaming tawagan sa 737- 0700 ; toll-free Number: 1 -800- 1- 8888- 700 (within Philippines); or chat with us @ just click “Kumusta ka?”

  5. kristine Joharra

    My testimony is want to thank Lord Jesus cause I’m alive and to my family talagang yung relasyion naming for each other nagging masclose pa kami one another 🙂 Godbless you 700 Club Asia!

    • Tunay nga na kapag ang Panginoon ang maghahari at napupurihan sa isang pamilya, matibay at masaya ang pagsasama. God bless you Kristine. Masaya kami para sa iyo.

  6. lorna llamas

    praise god!may bgo nman ako pagkaka abalahan panuorin,,at npaka inspired sa buhay,,,god bless us,,,,,

  7. A blessed morning po, I have a friend po na dating walang direksyon ang buhay, madaming bisyo, nagnanakaw, at kung ano anong makamundong gawain ang ginagawa and part of a broken family. But through MMI camp, he’s saved last November 2011. Nag aaral na siya sa isang bible school sa Pasig ngayon. But now, meron po siyang malaking problema, sa Zambales po talaga siya nakatira, but because may opportunity siya na makapag aral dito sa metro manila, ginrab na niya. Kung san san siya nakikitira and he is facing the same problem, walang pera, walang pangkain. Nakatira siya ngayon sa COmmunity Baptist Church Pasig. SIya ang naglilinis doon araw araw, pero wala po siyang suweldo. May mga nagbibigay na mga churchmates pero hindi po sapat iyon para pangkain niya. PInapakain lang siya nung kasama niya sa Church, pero isinusumbat naman sa kanya yung mga pinapakain sa kanya. Kesyo daw hindi siya makatulong sa pagbili ng pagkain dahil walang wala na po talaga siya. Nadidiscourage na po siya ngayon na mag aral sa Bible School (Baptist Bible College-Asia) dahil sa wala siyang suporta financially. Yung nanay niya po sa Zambales ay may sakit pa, wala po siyang magawa dahil wala po siyang trabaho. 1st year pa lang po siya, kinukuha niya po ay practical ministry. Wala na po akong mahingian ng tulong kaya kahit dito po ay nagbabakasakali ako. Ang pangalan niya po ay Russel O. Batara. Hindi naman po ako makatulong gawa ng nag aaral pa lang din naman po ako. Madami po siyang skills. Nagvovolunteer po siya sa camp ng Megacity MInistries Inc., nagcacameraman po siya, nag tetechnical directing at stage manager po tuwing may camp. Pero sabi nga po niya, hindi po habang buhay ang camp, kailangan niya din po ng mapagkakakitaan. Marunong po siya sa mga camera, yun nga lang po wala naman pong dumadating na opportunity. Every tuesday and thursday lang po ang kanyang pasok kaya may time po sana siyang mag work. Kung sana po eh nakikiusap po ako na matulungan niyo po siya na mabigyan ng kahit anong trabaho na magfifit sa kanya, kahit ano lang po para lang po may mapagkakitaan lang po siya para may pangkain at maibigay kahit konting konti lang sa magulang niya po, kahit konti lang po, nakikiusap po ako sa inyo. Alam ko po na will ni God na makapag aral siya sa Bible School, bilang concern na kaibigan, gusto ko po siyang makapagtapos kahit na habang nagwowork siya para sa pamilya niya. kahit konti lang po sana, pang kain at konting suporta sa magulang niya ok na po iyon, kahit hindi gaanong malaki, ok lang po. Sana maawa naman po kayo sa kaibigan ko. Ayaw ko po na huminto siya ng pag aaral nang dahil lang sa pera. Please po, sana matulungan niyo po siya. sabi niya nga kahit janitor lang ok na eh, makapag trabaho lang po siya para sa pamilya niya at pangkain.please po, nagmamakaawa po ako sa inyo. Walang wala din po siya talaga. Sana mapagbigyan niyo po siya, hindi niya po alam ito, pero at this kind of help, nais ko siyang matulungan po talaga. Ang hirap po kasi na ako, kaibigan niya, kumakain ng ayos, habang siya ay naghahanap pa ng makakain, isusubo na lang po niya, madami pa siyang madidinig. Please po, nakikiusap po ako sa inyo. Sana mahabag po kayo sa kanya. God bless po! Salamat.

    • Hi Angela, kung paano ka nahahabag sa iyong kaibigan naniniwala ako na ganoon din ang Panginoon.Anak siya ng Dios at may magandang plano sa Kanya. Nais namin siyang ipanalangin, maaari siyang tumawag sa 8107717 / 8107176. Ang plano ng Dios ang mangyari sa Kanyang buhay!

  8. angela bepitel


  9. goodmorning po gusto ko lang po ipaparay ung wife ko johnalyn francisco abayan bday nya po ngayon aug.12 2012 at my celbration po cla ng mga kacelgroup nya around 2pm bago lng po syang beleiver sana mas makilala nya po c jesus sa buhay nya at lumago po xa sa kanyang panampalataya at maging matibay po sya sa mga pagsubok na darating sa kanya at sa aming pagsasama.bigyan po xa ng malaks na pangangatawan upng magampanan nya ng maayus ang kanyang tungkulin sa pamilaya at higit sa lahat kay lord.sana po maipray nyo po sya sa mismong bday nya at oras kng ok lng nmn po ito lng po kc sorprice bday gift ko sa kanya.pray nyo rn po ako d2 sa saudi…salamt po!j!..

  10. wow, i want to see the life of Mr. Erl Giordan Castillo Bajal in one of the 700 club asia’s episode. GOD BLESS. aabangan ko yan.

  11. BLESSED DAY to all!

    For now, I will not testify my own life, i will testify the life of my BEST FRIEND. By the way I want to introduce myself first. My name is Bella, I’m born-again (Christian) since birth because my family is a Christian, and even-though I’m 21 years of age, I would rather attend in youth fellowship (mas masaya kasi pag puro kabataan ang kasama, hehe) and by the Grace of GOD I’m newly part of our youth music ministry.
    When I was in 1st year highschool, pre-elem pa lang siya noon,at kung noong 4th year highschool ako Siya ay grade 2 lang, magkakilala na kami noon pa lang kasi same school lang kami, at tsaka magkilala ang parents nya at parents ko . Kung kami magbestfriend ngayon , super kabaligtaran ng dati super mortal enemy kami, as in lagi kaming nag aaway kasi ba naman, niloloko nya akong baboy ( mataba kasi ako haha) and syempre panloko ko sa kanya ay bakla (1st year highschool ata ako nun that time).

    Then lumipas ang madaming taon di kami nagkita or nagusap ng ilang taon (more than 5 years siguro), then nagkausap lang ulit kami after na makagraduate ako ng college, bakasyon ng 2011 ulit ata kami nagkausap, kasi kaibigan nya ung pinsan ko at ung mga close friends ko din as in halos parehas lang ang group of friends naming.
    Then yun nagkausap ulit kami, nagkarate lesson ako that time, and nabalitaan ko na nagtaekwondo sya, kaya niyaya ko sya na magkarate, then yun tumigil sya sa karate then ako naman nagpatuloy tapos nagkarate ulit siya, tapos nag ka crush sya sa kaibigan namin sa karate, sya ay si Pia, tapos nag oopen siya sakin na super crush nya si Pia tapos hanggang sa naikwento ko na din ung crush ko, pero di ko tinutukoy kung sino kasi kakilala nya, hanggang sa nadulas ako sa pagkkwento ko kaya nalaman nya kung sino, ayun simula nun naging super close friend talaga kami.
    Then one time napanaginipan nya ung Sir namin sa karate, sabi nya nakita nya na nasa hell si Sir as in parang tunay daw, at as in demonyo ang itsura, sobrang nakakatakot, yun na din ung time na nagdecide na kami na itigil ang karate, hindi lang kasi basta karate ang aming sinalihan may brotherhood pa sa loob nito. Then nakita namin ung tarpaulin ng karate namin It means na dapat na naming itong itigil then humingi pa sya ng isang sign na dapat ka konektado pa din ng karate, then nung nagpunta kami ng mcdo nakita namin si keziah na dati ring nagkakarate then yun napagusapan nga din namin ung karate, then un pala ung kasagutan sa sign na hiningi namin.
    Then after nun, nagtanong sya sakin, Ate Bella, panu ba maging born-again. Sabi ko naman ah, madali lang ipagppray kita about salvation,then magpatuloy ka na sa Lord, attend ka sa youth service namin khit hindi ako active sa church nung time nay un, ininvite ko sya, para umattend sya, then nagpatuloy sya sa Panginoon, ngayon isa na syang Chairman ng school na pinapasukan nya na isa ding Christian school (Cli). Then tumutugtog na din sya sa main service at nagtuturo ng salita ng Diyos. Grabe nakakatuwa ang LORD, sa buhay nya. Last May 29-june 1 nag Encounter kami, ito ay isang seminar upang lalong tumaas ang faith natin kay Lord, then lahat kami pinabunot ng mga bagong pangalan then ang nabunot niyang bagong pangalan ay Pastor of the Multitudes (as in bagay na bagay po sa kanya ung bagong pangalan nya na yun).
    Grabe po 9 months pa lang po siyang CHRISTIAN(BORN-AGAIN) ngayon at kahit 2nd year highschool student pa lang siya,grabe po ang tindi na po ng pag gamit sa kanya ng LORD, nagtuturo na po siya ngayon sa mga kabataan sa loob at labas ng church, at hindi lang po yan iniinvite na po sya ng ibat-ibang mga Christian churches sa ibat-ibang lugar, grabe po at hindi lang yan, ginagamit na din po siya ng Lord sa pagdedeliverance or pagpapalayas ng mga bad spirit, nagpapasimula ng cell group sa kanilang school, nadala na din po niya ang buong family nya sa church, ganun po talaga katindi ang LORD sa buhay niya. Then nakikinig nya ung Precious voice ng LORD At nakakakita din siya ng clear vision(spiritual vision) na galing sa Lord kagaya na lamang po nung nakita niya si ABBY na hindi pa niya nakikilala o nakikita noon pero pinakita sa kanya ito ni Lord through vision, na ngayon po ay super special someone or close friend na niya, Napakalaki po ng pinagbago nya ,isa na din po siya sa bumubuo ng cell group ng school, simula nung nag ENCOUNTER siya win souls at making disciples ang kanyang kinaaadikan ngayon para sa LORD. PAG TALAGA PONG SI LORD ANG NAGBAGO NG BUHAY NG ISANG TAO, sobrang tindi, sabi nga po sa 2 Corinthians 5:17 therefore ,if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. Pinagmamalaki ko po ang LORD, sa buhay ng BESTFRIEND kong si ERL GIORDAN CASTILLO BAJAL. Masasabi kong isa siyang batang pastor ng generation na ito.

    • Hi Bella, salamat sa pagbahagi mo. Ang lahat ng papuri at pasasalamat ay para lamang sa ating Panginoon. Tunay ngang ang Dios lamang ang may kakayanang baguhin ang puso at buhay ng tao kung hahayaan lang natin Siya sa ating buhay higit pa sa hinahangad natin ang ating mararanasan at makakamit mula sa Panginoon! Kami ay nagagalak para sa iyong kaibigan. Pagpapalain kayo ng DIOS.

    • Woah, grabe nakakabless po talaga ang buhay ni Mr. Erl Giordan Castillo Bajal (Pastor of the Multitudes), congratz sa parents ng batang ito.. GOD BLESS. sana po maipalabas sa 700 club asia episode ang buhay niya. God bless you more.

  12. GOD BLESS.

  13. Ariel Laforteza

    How did you become a Christian ?
    I started in prayer until I broked my heart, and then nasa labas ako ng bahay namin may nakita ako na mga Youth na nag iinvite para sa kanilang Summer Youth Camp, I asked them, ano yan? Camp daw sa Iba, Zambales . 1 night and 2 days daw, Php 100 lang. free na daw lahat, Foods, Transportation , Accomodation. Astig diba! . To make a short story, sumama ako kasi wala kasi naman ako gagawin yung time na yun. 22nd of May, may nag preach sa harap Ptr. Vincent Vicencio, nag testimony na din s’ya sa 700 Club Asia, I was so amaze sa ginawa ni God sa buhay niya, medyo may mga struggles s’ya na halos parehas kami. After n’yang magsalita sa harap isa lang pala yung gusto n’yang sabihin sa amin, si Jesus Christ na naglinis at tumubos sa kasalanan ko at sa lahat ng tao sa mundo, ayun na yung time na tinanggap ko si Jesus bilang aking personal na Panginoon at Tagapagligtas. after the Camp nagpatuloy ako sa pag attend sa Church. Yung Php 1,000 ko na natira sa ATM ko, I decided na bumili ng Bible sa National Bookstore sa Sm Fairview, tapos pinang gastos ko yung natira. Nag treat ako sa Church pero hindi nila alam na birth day ko kasi 2 days pa lang kaming magka kilala, nag aayos kami para sa Vacation Bible School. Ayun yung first time ko na tumulong sa Ministry.

    What was your life before?
    3 years ako naging Altar Server sa Immaculate Conception Parish ( I.C.P. ) si Fr. Allan Samonte ang Pari noon. Kasi pag server ka dagdag pogi points sa chiks, mas lalo pa ata akong sumama kasi natuto mag – inom ng alak, manood ng naked films, cutting classes hanggang nag college ako walang pagbabago. Naalala ko pa nga may nag invite sa akin sa Church ( Born Again ) pero nakakaantok and tagal ng service nila tapos ang korne nila pag nag wo – worship may paiyak iyak pa at paluhod – luhod pa eww!! Jologs!, . . . Tapos tinamad na ko mag aral e, 1 semester lang tinapos ko sayang nga full Scholarship pa naman ako, per semester Php 500 lang tuition ko tapos may allowance ka pa na 1,500 per semester sa Quezon City ( SYDP ). First work ko sa Calamba, Laguna sa Panasonic. Puro gimik na pinag gagawa ko aabutin ka pa ng umaga almusal alak saan ka pa. para kasi akong kulang sa LOVE. When I was a child ang gulo ng isip ko. Hindi ko naranasan na mag celebrate ng Christmas & New Year with my family yung tipong lahat kayo mag kakasama. Ayun sa tropa natuto ng mga walang kabuluhang bagay. When I was 16 years of age, I experienced my sex life with my girl friend. Sinubukan ko ding mag drugs at magpakamatay pero hindi natuloy hanggang isip lang. nangingibabaw kasi sa akin yung depression at lack of Love. after mamatay ni papa sa sakit na cancer, nahiwalay na ako sa family ko, Kasi simula nahiwalay ako sa magulang ko, sa mga tito ko na ako nakitira. When I was in 6th grade sa Valenzuela ako napadpad sa kapatid ng tito ko. After my graduation lumipat naman ako sa isa ko pang tito sa Novaliches. After my first year in High School, lumipat nanaman ako sa isa ko pang tito. Ayun tumagal ako hanggang matapos sa High School life. Until I decided na wag muna mag aral after the graduation pero pinag aral nila ako ayun pinalad naman kasi full Scholarship ang binigay sakin ng Quezon City. Si Mayor Sonny Belmonte ( SB ). Tapos ako pa pala ang may hawak ng budget ng mga Scholar ng Bayan sa Campus namin tapos ginastos ko kasi hindi na ako papasok ng next semester e, Madami na din akong natirahan sa pinsan ko sa Laguna, pati dito sa Novaliches, Pangasinan sa tita ko naman ako nakitira. Naalala ko pa nga New year umiiyak ako noon kasi ayaw ko mag celebrate, natulog na lang ako pero ginising ako ng pinsan ko and then pumasok ako sa C.R. naligo na lang ako at umiiyak. 12 na ata yun, eksaktong New Year. Na miss ko na kasi yung Family ko. Basta everytime na na iisip ko sila umiiyak na lang ako kinakausap si God kung ano ba talaga ang purpose ko. Very self – pity & ashamed person ako noon. Hindi kita kakausapin pag hindi mo ako kinausap that was my attitude and my life before. Yung huling gimik ko sa Padis Point, Marikina River Bank na convict ako kasi yung heart ko empty, naramdaman ko talaga, and I asked God that time. Tapos naging bad influence pa ako, ako kasi nagyaya, pati yung friend ko na first time gumimik naisama ko pa. gusto ko lang kasi makalimot sa mga problems ko pero pag gising mo hindi pa din nawala temporary lang s’ya. Wala na akong pakialam sa Diyos at mga tao noon, self – centered na ako e, Hanggang isang araw naubos na yung pera ko 3 ATM ko noon isang BPI , China Bank, at BDO. After na paubos na nababatrip na ko wala ng pang libre sa tropa at pang gimik, may natira pang Php 1,000 ayun na yung pinang bili ko ng Bible.

    What was the impact of the 700 Club Asia in your life?
    A lot, everytime na pinapanood ko ang show naiiyak ako I do not know why, basta lagi ako sumasabay sa prayer nila Mr. Peter Kairuz & Connie Reyes. 30min pa lang yung show dati. Hahabulin ko pa yan kasi out ko sa work 10:00 pm from Mandaluyong. Nakikipag away pa nga ako sa cousin ko kasi ibang channel gusto n’ya. Channel Q 11 pa dati e, tapos nagkaroon ako ng vision with Connie Reyes na ma ipag pi – pray n’ya si Jacob yung baby ng cousin ko tapos ako gusto ko ma ipag pray n’ya din ako kaso bigla akong mahihiya. Nagulat ako noong nangyari yung vision ko. Sa Novaliches Bayan sa Plaza yun. Hindi ko alam gift pala sakin ni God yun. Tapos nag pledge din ako sa Operation Blessing kaso twice lang yata kasi wala na akong work noon, sabi kasi ni Lord. 700 Club Asia ang isa sa ginamit ni God para mapalapit ako sa kan’ya at magkaroon ng relasyon. After I watched the show nagbabasa ako ng Bible.

    What are the things you experienced before you surrendered your life to Jesus?
    Parang ang hirap ipaliwanag kasi sobrang dami, syempre sa attitude ko, nagkaroon ako ng inner peace and contentment in my life
    And the most powerful yung matuto kang mag share ng Gospel by the Wisdom
    knowledge of God, guided by the Holy Spirit syempre. May time nga na nag preach din ako sa isang Church nag Evangelize kami ng mga kaibigan ko doon. That was my first time na tumayo sa maraming tao, believers & unbelievers, kinakabahan pa nga ako noon e, parang ayaw ko pero pag si Lord ang kumilos sa buhay mo wala ka ng palag. And some of my friends, relatives, church mates called me a Pastor. I do not why?? Siguro yun na yung nakikita sa akin yung pag ka Christ like. At isa lang masasabi ko kung ako binago ng Diyos bakit ikaw hindi. Lumapit ka lang sa kanya. 21st of November 2010 yung unexplainable encounter with God, as in yung Holy Spirit naramdaman ko sobrang lamig ng katawan ko at nanginginig pa ako akala ko patay na nga ako noong time na yun e, at higit sa lahat yung marining mo yung boses ng Diyos hindi mo kayang ipaliwanang grabe talaga yun. That was my prayer din kasi e.

    Are you ashamed of the things that you have done before?
    BIG, NO! Because without my past life it is impossible to Honor and please God as well as to show His glory.

    How do you want God use your life?
    To Share His gospel not only here in the Philippines but in the whole world, as well as being a channel of blessing to others, and to make a lot of books, to inspire others to have a personal relationship with God so that they will know their purpose too.


  14. John Villanueva

    Btw, I can’t access your form for sending my testimony so…

  15. John Villanueva

    That was me!

    Good morning 700 Club Asia. I am so blessed by your last episode. Indeed God is alive!

    I’m not a frequent viewer of your program. In fact, the last time I watched your program before your last episode was years ago. I just happened to drop by your Facebook page and saw that you were giving away a free copy of “Touching God” by Dr. Harold J. Sala. I haven’t read any of his books yet but I sure wanted to get something for free. Who wouldn’t?

    Actually, I’ve come across a website criticizing your program and the whole supernatural thing in general earlier. I’ve been raised not believing in these but recently, I’ve been getting involved with a church operating in the supernatural in my campus. I was skeptical but, through the evident power of the Holy Spirit, the doubt slowly faded away. In fact, I’m in the middle of committing to the church. The only thing that’s keeping me from doing that now is that small inch of doubt I still have and have been bringing with me since I was a kid. As you can tell, coming across a website like that isn’t really helpful.

    All I could say, though, is that I’ve been set up!

    So I was there, waiting eagerly for Fe Marfil’s story while hoping my cellphone’s battery won’t get drained. I found myself getting rather interested and in to the stories you guys have been sharing. It was the Tough Guy’s part (I’m not really good with names but I’m referring to that person whose ministry is giving free lessons in martial arts.), when he said that “Tough guys could say no to sin.”, when I started thinking that it was not an accident that I was there sitting in front of that television at that time.

    Story after story came and you guys invited your viewers to pray for their sicknesses, physically or emotionally, for their bondage to anything and etc. I prayed for victory over my bondage to pornography. Then came the part when you told the different healings that took place. At that time, I was praying to God that if these things were real, then He’ll tell you guys something about me. After Peter was done telling, I was disheartened and was tempted so strongly to just turn off the TV and rebel to God by giving in to temptation. That’s when Felichi started talking. I was losing hope since all the healing she told about was physical until the last one. Actually, before that, the reception went bad for a split-second and then came what I’ve been looking for. I took that as a sign from God. Thank you Father! I claim the victory in Jesus’ name!

    You’re like, “How can you tell that it was you they were referring to, surely there are others out there who are battling with pornography too.”

    While that is true, and I rejoice with those others as well, I’d like to take that as personal as I can. This day is particularly special to me because this is the day that I broke ties with a person I’ve been committing sin with. Though it isn’t easy, in fact it’s far from it, I did it because I know that’s what my Dad would want me to do and that it would harm me more than it is harming me now in the long run.

    I’ve been battling pornography for 5 years now. I’m raised by godly parents and I know what I should do. Almost every time after I watch porn, I turn to God and “repent”. This has gone on for a year until it came to a point where I was tired of asking for forgiveness and actually gave in to it. This is when I started watching porn every time I get the chance to. This bondage led to different others as well. Having ungodly relationships with other people and I have super low self-esteem every time I surround myself with Christians are among those. These even brought me farther from God.

    It was just recently that I’ve been seriously waging war against pornography. I’ve learned that God destroys our enemies when we see them as enemies. I realized I’ve been befriending my enemy the whole time! Praise God, I just got my victory!

    God is real folks! God is alive and He definitely knows your address, so watch out! His love will blow your mind!

    • Thank you John for sharing this testimony to us. I am sure your story will help those who have been in this kind of struggle. We truly are nothing without God. In 1 Samuel 17:47, it is said, “the battle is the Lord’s” and in Deuteronomy 31:6, “we should be strong and courageous. We should not be afraid or terrified, for the LORD our God goes with us; He will never leave nor forsake us.” John, continue to inspire others with your story and wage battle against pornography with God as our Banner (Exodus 17:15).

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