“Ang gaganda naman nila, bakit kaya ako hindi?” Mababang self-esteem, ayaw lumabas ng bahay, at ‘di na masaya sa nakikita sa salamin, ‘yan ang experience ng maraming girls recently. Dahil mala-Barbie tingnan ang celebrities and TV personalities sa social media posts nila, nakaka-pressure tuloy na baguhin ang physical features natin para lang matawag din tayong maganda. Hay.

Luna Inocian is a well-known playwright who has written for many theater companies. She has been married for 11 years to a well-known stage actor. Luna didn't think that in the long years of their marriage, they would face problems that would change their lives. How was Luna able to get back on her feet after discovering her husband's affair? How did she heal from all the pain and difficult things she had to go through? Watch how God came into her life and helped her start over as she shares her faith journey in #KapitLangCBNAsia, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

How would you face a situation that you thought would bring you hope but instead brought challenges in your life? For Daisy, this was her struggle when she found out that her son, Josiah, has autism. How did God help them see the miracle in their challenge? Watch and be inspired by their story as you watch this episode of #KapitLangCBNAsia, hosted by Sonjia Calit.
Singer-songwriter Sheena Lee got depressed and anxious when she started living far away from her brother who took care of her. How did God comfort her amid all the lost of identity and uncertainties? When did she realize that God will always be on her side.

Many people think that the Christian life is filled with rainbows and butterflies, but the reality is: it is a process of daily surrender and transformation. Watch and be inspired by this episode of #KapitLangCBNAsia as Phio Enaje shares how he overcame the external pressure of other people’s expectations, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Have you ever felt like God has forgotten you? Have you ever asked God why it seems like bad things keep on happening in your life? This was also Chona Massingham’s question after she experienced an abusive relationship in the past. How was she able to overcome this problem and live a life she’s always prayed for? Watch and be encouraged in this episode of #KapitLangCBNAsia as she shares on how God rescued her from her dark past and gave her a new and redeemed story, hosted by Sonjia Calit

Are you having a hard time finding the right path for you? Do you always feel uncertain in your career? Mav Gonzales believes that when God gives you something, it will be full of peace and fulfillment. How was she able to attain the wonderful opportunities that she has now?

Temptation is one of the most common struggles of couples before marriage. But Ryan and Trina believed that purity and respect are the best gifts that you can ever give to your partner. How were they able to overcome the struggle to preserve their purity? Watch and be inspired by their love story in this episode of #KapitLang, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Do you define yourself by your mistakes and failures? Do you have a hard time overcoming your insecurities? Watch and be inspired in this episode of #KapitLang as The 700 Club Asia host, Joyce Burton-Titular, shares how God restored her confidence and she found her strength in Him. Hosted by Icko Gonzalez. One Great Problem. One Great Solution. One Great God

Where do beauty queens get their courage and confidence from? How do they rise despite the challenges that weigh them down? Let Miss Word Philippines 1st Princess Riana Pangindian’s story of overcoming self-doubt and insecurities inspire you. See how God used her struggles to glorify Him and make her stronger.

Have you ever asked yourself about your purpose in life? Are you having a hard time seeking a clear direction? Be inspired and encouraged as you watch this episode of #KapitLang with Miss Universe Philippines-Isabela 2021 Jan Louise Abejero as she shares how she lives a life that creates an impact for God’s glory, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Becky Cabral was a news producer for a top-rated show in a big broadcasting network. She worked hard and dedicated herself to her career. However, after seven years, she was forced to resign and leave the country because of the big challenge she faced at work. How did God help her overcome this challenge? What made her decide to be a part of The 700 Club Asia where she now finds fulfillment in her work and career?

How do you come back stronger after experiencing so much pain? Watch the last webisode of #BeyondSmallTalk Season 2 and learn how the power of forgiveness can help you deal with your broken relationships.
Madalas ka bang ma-insecure? Feeling mo ba ay hindi ka maganda o hindi ka makinis katulad ng iba? Pag-usapan natin kung ano nga ba talaga ang ibig sabihin ng totoong kagandahan. Samahan ang aming hosts at matuto sa kanilang tips!
Woman, did you know that prayer can turn your life around? No matter what age you are, this episode is for you. Watch this #BeyondSmallTalk webisode and discover some interesting truths about prayer from our hosts, Bettinna Carlos, Christine Kairuz, and I Can BreakThrough's BreakTambayan host, Trish.
Woman, do you believe that there's power in prayer? Watch this #BeyondSmallTalk webisode and learn from our hosts, Bettinna Carlos, Christine Kairuz, and I Can BreakThrough's BreakTambayan host, Trish.
What do the lies women believe? How do we replace those lies with the truth of God’s Word?
Because it's #InternationalWomensMonth and we value you, we want to treat you to a 5-week study on God's design for women. Join Bettinna Carlos, Trish Chu, and Christine Kairuz as they share with you different characteristics of a godly woman.
Do you have struggles and insecurities as a woman? Learn to find beauty in your flaws and celebrate your purpose!

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