Are there any areas in your life where you do not feel God’s grace? What part of your thinking is dominated by condemnation or negativity? Let God help you tonight as you reflect on His amazing grace! Ask Him for understanding of His grace through these inspiring stories.

May mga pangarap ka ba na mahirap bitawan kahit parang imposible itong mangyari? Believe that God will do what He said He will do! Maniwala ka sa kakayahan Niya. God is able to give you strength for today! Watch The 700 Club Asia tonight, 9 pm on our YouTube channel and 12 midnight on GMA.
Celebrity chef Rosebud Benitez thought she found true love at a very young age. However, what she thought was "forever" turned out to be an abusive and failing marriage. How did she come out of this situation? Watch and be inspired as she shares how she found true love in this episode of “Kapit Lang”, hosted by Sonjia Calit. One Great Problem. One Great Solution. One Great God.
Lahat tayo ay nakakaranas ng challenges sa buhay - whether financial, relational, physical or spiritual! Anuman ang iyong nararanasan, we should always remember that God is greather than all of what we can experience! Narito ang mga kuwento na magpapaalala sa ‘yo na there is nothing too hard for God! May you continue to trust in His greater purpose in your life as you watch The700 Club Asia, Tuesday, July 20, 9 pm on our YouTube channel and 12 midnight on GMA.
How will you rise from the past that made your life miserable? How will you overcome the feelings of guilt and shame? WATCH this CBN Asia's Tanikala Rewind presents "Sais-Katorse", a true-to-life story of Aubrey Juanta who experienced different challenges in her life, starring Sonjia Calit, directed by Jewel Valeroso and Monica Santos-Serreon.
Living with mental health issues can be very difficult but how should deal with it properly? Is there a way to win this battle with our minds every day? Learn more about this issue and know how to help someone with a mental health problem with our hosts Peter Kairuz, Sonjia Calit, and Zenia Lim Panahon.

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