Uy! Parang marami-rami ka na namang iniisip, ah. 💭 Baka mag-full storage na ang mind mo sa sobrang dami mong inaalala. Did you know na merong mga simple step na puwede mong i-try to declutter your mind? ‘Di mo na kailangan lumayo, just stay for a bit, dahil nandito si Breaker Yna to give you tips. 🥳 Para sa tuwing ma-o-overwhelm ka, you will know what to do.

Depression does not have a face, kaya always choose to be kind even with people who often show their happy faces. It is time to use your voice to inspire others to keep going and to chose to fight their battles. Watch Ivanna Pacis as she shares her own mental health journey and how she was able to prove that God can heal all kinds of wounds.

Are you currently facing mental and emotional struggles? If you ever feel alone, we are here to remind you na hindi ka nag-iisa at handa kaming samahan ka sa laban mo. Even Dr. Tito experienced the same way, so let's listen and learn from his tips on how to overcome these challenges!

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