How do you come back stronger after experiencing so much pain? Watch the last webisode of #BeyondSmallTalk Season 2 and learn how the power of forgiveness can help you deal with your broken relationships.
Madalas ka bang ma-insecure? Feeling mo ba ay hindi ka maganda o hindi ka makinis katulad ng iba? Pag-usapan natin kung ano nga ba talaga ang ibig sabihin ng totoong kagandahan. Samahan ang aming hosts at matuto sa kanilang tips!
Woman, did you know that prayer can turn your life around? No matter what age you are, this episode is for you. Watch this #BeyondSmallTalk webisode and discover some interesting truths about prayer from our hosts, Bettinna Carlos, Christine Kairuz, and I Can BreakThrough's BreakTambayan host, Trish.
Woman, do you believe that there's power in prayer? Watch this #BeyondSmallTalk webisode and learn from our hosts, Bettinna Carlos, Christine Kairuz, and I Can BreakThrough's BreakTambayan host, Trish.
What do the lies women believe? How do we replace those lies with the truth of God’s Word?
Because it's #InternationalWomensMonth and we value you, we want to treat you to a 5-week study on God's design for women. Join Bettinna Carlos, Trish Chu, and Christine Kairuz as they share with you different characteristics of a godly woman.
Do you have struggles and insecurities as a woman? Learn to find beauty in your flaws and celebrate your purpose!
Malapit na ang Valentine's Day, may naisip ka na bang gawin para sa iyong asawa o special someone? Panuorin ang video na ito at alamin kung paano mo mas mapaparamdam kay mister o kay misis, na siya ay mahalaga. Kahit hindi Feb-ibig, dapat patuloy ninyong mahalin ang isa't-isa. Watch this video!
Do you want to keep your marriage and sex life healthy and strong? Join Peter & Christine Kairuz as they discuss some of the common sex problems between married couples and how to solve them.
How do we raise our children well? Learn from Peter & Christine Kairuz as they cap off the first season of #BeyondSmallTalk!
Be your husband's number one fan! Learn from Christine and Peter Kairuz as they share how to encourage and treat your spouse through God's way!
Madalas mo bang marinig na si misis dapat ang "commander" sa bahay? Tama kaya ito, o mali? WATCH Peter and Christine Kairuz as they share some of the important roles of a husband and wife based on God's Word, the Bible.
Ano nga ba ang madalas na dahilan ng pag-aaway ng mga mag-asawa? Dahil sa pera? Dahil hindi marunong mag-appreciate si mister or si misis? Panuorin ang video na ito at tumawa, ngumiti, at matutong magpatawad at ibigin muli ang iyong asawa. :) #BeyondSmallTalk
Unrealistic expectations about marriage set up couples to fail. It can spark resentment, which can ruin relationships. Learn how to manage wrong expectations and common marriage misconceptions with Peter and Christine Kairuz.
Before we start our 7-week study on how to keep your marriage ablaze, let's get to know our hosts first through this fun fast talk game. Watch them laugh, let loose, and lovingly tease each other in the first episode of #BeyondSmallTalk!

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