SA’YO LANG Performed by Jex De Castro and Joselle Feliciano Written and Composed by Lucas Miguel Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by Giancarlo M. Salazar Produced by Reverb Worship Executive Producer: John Valdes Tan
SA'YO LANG is a contemplation on the loss and grief borne out of the extraordinary circumstances we all faced in recent years. This contemporary, reflective pop ballad was written to echo the loneliness and yearnings of many people, especially during the Christmas season. Yet, even through sorrow, we are reminded of the fact that Jesus Christ came to bring us great joy, so that, this Christmas, and in all the seasons of our lives, in the very best or the very worst circumstances, our hearts can rest in God's joyful tranquility.
A’YO LANG Written and composed by Lucas Miguel Arranged, mixed, and mastered by Giancarlo M. Salazar Performed by Jex de Castro and Joselle Feliciano Produced by Reverb Worship
Let's cap off CBN Asia's 28th Anniversary week with the release of Reverb Worship's latest single "Kwento Natin 'To". Makipag-kantahan, kuwentuhan, at kulitan with composer Arnel de Pano and two of the voices who gave life to the song - Joselle Feliciano and Sheena Lee - tonight on a special episode of One Music One Hope, hosted by Icko Gonzalez.
Kwento Natin ‘To | CBN Asia 28th Anniversary Theme | Official Lyric Video Visualizer KWENTO NATIN ‘TO is a celebration of the Christian community’s collective impact on sharing the love of God and transforming lives here and abroad. It is a call for all Christian Filipinos to be the bearers of Good News and continue telling His stories, while sowing seeds of hope and love in the hearts of our fellowmen. Originally written as a theme song for CBN Asia’s 28th Anniversary Celebration, the song was inspired by the organization’s commitment to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ through various ministry work. Still, beyond the CBN Asia story, the song tells of hope, compassion, and resilience among Filipinos, brought together by the unifying love of God.

Be inspired and moved by Jericho Arceo as he shares the story behind his latest song, Dinadakila, and his journey into the world of hip-hop music. Light up your Friday night and end your week with a blast with another fun-filled episode of "One Music, One Hope", hosted by Neo Rive

Enjoy your Friday night by listening to great music and stories behind Victory Worship's newest album, Yahweh. Be inspired and be transformed with tonight's episode of One Music One Hope, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

It’s a Happy Friday indeed as we enjoy hope-filled songs from singer, songwriter, and social media influencer Jezliah Almasco, tonight on a fresh episode of “One Music One Hope”, hosted by Sheena Lee.

Join soul, gospel, and R&B duo allen&elle as they radiate God’s love through their music tonight on a brand-new episode of "One Music One Hope", hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Be amazed at God’s incomparable love as you listen to English, Filipino, and Cebuano worship songs from singer-songwriter Yeuseff, on One Music One Hope, hosted by Ellene Cubelo.

Award-winning composer, arranger, producer, music director, and Gospel artist Arnel De Pano will share the stories behind his well-loved songs, on this episode of One Music One Hope, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Listen to the songs and stories of up-and-coming hip-hop artist Elai and be inspired to pursue your dreams and God’s purpose for your life on "One Music One Hope", hosted by Icko Gonzalez.

Pilipinas Natin 'To is an upbeat but soulful song written and performed by Rhea Rodriguez ft. Elai. Born from a deep love and respect for the country, Pilipinas Natin 'To echoes a call for solidarity in a nation divided by ideologies and barriers. It's a cry to see a nation brought to its knees, in complete surrender - for healing, prosperity, and salvation from our Creator. In the rap verse, Elai resonates with the message of the Gospel: that the only way our nation can flourish and prosper is through Jesus Christ.
"Tugon is really about God's answered prayers and seasons. Through it, we hope na ma-encourage tayo na mag-wait kay God, kasi sobrang the best yung plan ni God sa atin." - Nolo Lopez

Let Divino Rivera’s music take you into a time of reflection about love, hope, and faith journey on "One Music, One Hope", hosted by Neo Rivera.

TUGON Written and Performed by Nolo Lopez and Jasmine Lopez Music Arrangement by Miguel Nuñez Mastered by Gino Cruz Produced by John Valdes Tan, Icko Gonzalez, and Ivy Catucod Published under Reverb Worship
Jam with us tonight as Shekinah Gram renders a special performance of "Pansumandali" and more of her original songs, on the Season 6 premiere of "One Music One Hope", hosted by Gianne Hinolan.

Find hope, rest in God’s love, and enjoy the music of Filipina-American singer and songwriter Rhema Smithwick a.k.a. Armor Amor on this brand-new episode of One Music, One Hope, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Let’s start a new year of songs and stories that inspire the soul. Here’s a new set of music from a worship team passionate about creating songs that honor God and inspire people to follow Jesus. Jam with Lee Simon Brown and Charles Bautista of Victory Worship, on One Music, One Hope, hosted by Gianne Hinolan.

Let's celebrate and remember the true meaning of Christmas with award-winning songwriter and record producer, Jonathan Manalo, and the Philippines' youngest soprano, Alexa Kaufman as they talk about their Christmas song "Dahilan ng Maligayang Pasko", on One Music One Hope, hosted by Ivy Catucod.

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