Kailan kayo ga-graduate from no label relationship to DTR or define the relationship? Kahit ano’ng gawin mong pagra-rason, no label between you and your “special friend” will leave you confused, worried, and heartbroken. Naku-question mo tuloy ang worth mo as a person. That’s a relationship red flag!

Feeling frustrated and stagnant ka ba ngayong stuck ka sa bahay? Kahit nasa loob ka lang ng bahay, puwedeng-puwede mo pa ring i-reinvent ang sarili mo! New normal, new you lang ang peg for this Break Tambayan webisode with Breaker Trish and Sofia.

Have you been feeling restless and clueless on how to spend your money wisely? Let’s talk about this adulting dilemma with our Breakers, Trish Chu and Perkins Twins, Jesse and Christian here in, BreakTambayan!
Is it hard to choose between a career that's very close to your heart or one that would pay your bills? Hear from Jesse Perkins, Christian Perkins, and Trish Chu as they talk about their sentiments on this matter. Join our conversation here in, BreakTambayan!
Let’s talk about this overwhelming adulting season in your life and see how you can go through it. Meet our new Breakers, Jesse and Christian Perkins, with Our Breaker Trish Chu and get insights in managing what you are facing right now! Then, let’s hear you shout #iCanBreakThrough Adulting!
It is good to embrace your qualities as a woman or as a man. But then, too much of anything and if not managed the right way can also cause disorder. Let's talk about toxic masculinity and femininity with our Breakers, Mike and Trish, here in BreakTambayan!
Let's talk about sex as an expression of love and how doing it in the context of marriage makes a lot of difference in a world where everyone wants everything quick. Let's hear it from our Breakers, Mike and Trish and join the conversation here in, BreakTambayan!
New beginnings can be both fun and scary at the same time, but here's the truth. You can entrust your future to Someone who cares for you. It is not just defined by the lines at your palm. Quit second guessing! Let's learn from Mike and Trish here in, BreakTambayan.
Paano mo nga ba i-cecelebrate ang pasko nang mag-isa? Tambayan ang tanong na ‘yan kasama sina Mike and Trish dito sa, BreakTambayan!

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