Being a parent is one of the most fantastic gifts you can have in life. It’s a beautiful opportunity that can bring great joy! But sometimes, hindi maiwasan ang family conflicts at struggles.   Hindi madali magpalaki ng anak, pero thankfully, nandyan si God to help you raise your beautiful children! Tiwala lang.

“Pakikisamahan ko pa po ba ang asawa ko kahit alam kong may babae siya?”

“Madalas kami mag-away ng aking asawa dahil lagi kaming kapos sa pera. Ano po ang dapat ko gawin?”

“What is the secret to ‘happily ever after’ na marriage?

Peter and Christine Kairuz answer your questions about marriage and relationships! WATCH and discover how you can build a strong, healthy, and lasting relationship with your spouse.

Mapapanindigan pa rin ba ang “’Til death do us part” kung pilit nang sinusubok ang relasyon ninyong mag-asawa? Join Pepe and Pilaring sa kanilang journey as a married couple and see how they dealt with the challenges that tested their marriage. Watch this CBN Asia’s Holy Week Special titled “Senior Moment,” starring Mari Kaimo and Carla Martinez, directed by John Valdes Tan.
Paano nga ba sabay na haharapin ng mag-asawa ang problema kung ang mismong relasyon na nila ang issue? Mananaig pa rin kaya ang pagmamahalan?
Ngayong tag-init na naman, gusto mo rin bang makapag-outing kasama ang iyong friends?
After experiencing many heartbreaks caused by failed relationships, can there still be a chance for her to find and know the true meaning of love? Be blessed and encouraged by this story of God’s love in this inspiring telecine, CBN Asia’s Tanikala Rewind presents “Wanda’s Wonderful World”, starring Coney Reyes, Ricky Davao and Tirso Cruz III, directed by Icko Gonzalez.
How do you cut the ties holding you in another world when you have made those chains yourself? Is there any way to be free from this kind of evil? WATCH this supernatural true story of Armond Valdez who experienced God’s power over the mysterious works of otherworldly creatures. Starring BJ Forbes, directed by Paula Villanueva and Micah Basco.
How will you rise from an experience that made your life miserable? Is there a way to escape from the pain it caused? WATCH and be inspired by this true-to-life story of Teresa Pastera on healing and forgiveness in CBN Asia’s Tanikala Rewind presents “Pilat”, starring Sanya Lopez, directed by Honeylet Velves and Paula Mae Villanueva.
Two completely different people – from strangers to lovers? Will their relationship be considered as “relationship goals”? WATCH this fun and romantic true-to-life story of Dexter and Rose Sabido in CBN Asia’s Tanikala Rewind presents “It’s UnPair”, starring Alwyn Uytingco and Kat Galang, directed by Xandrino Mangunay and Neil Barnes.
Nikki came from a loving family, but an incident led her condemning herself to a life full of guilt. Will she be freed from unforgiveness? WATCH this inspirational story in CBN Asia’s Tanikala Rewind presents “In My Father’s Arms”, starring Jodi Sta. Maria, directed by Icko Gonzalez and John Tan.