Kapit Lang

“God is a promise-keeping God.” How will you believe that line if you’ve experienced different heartbreaks in your life? For Cass Brion, it is not easy for her to trust God after all the pain that she has gone through in her family. Watch and be inspired by her story as she shares how the Lord helped her, together with her daughter, Faith, on this episode of #KapitLangCBNAsia, hosted by Sonjia Calit.
How would you face a situation that you thought would bring you hope but instead brought challenges in your life? For Daisy, this was her struggle when she found out that her son, Josiah, has autism. How did God help them see the miracle in their challenge? Watch and be inspired by their story as you watch this episode of #KapitLangCBNAsia, hosted by Sonjia Calit.
Junize San Diego-Bellen, is a blogger who was clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Because of her condition, her relationships with other people were affected. This led her to sink into depression. Sleepless nights, lack of motivation, and a feeling of failure overwhelmed her during that season. How did God guide her to conquer the challenges? How did the Lord turn her situation around? Be blessed by her story in this episode of “Kapit Lang”, hosted by Icko Gonzalez.

Wala ka na bang lakas at joy sa trabaho dahil sa burnout? Mahalagang bigyan mo ng pansin ang iyong health and overall well-being. Learn how to manage this prolonged stress as you watch social media influencer Hannah Pangilinan, in this episode of #LoveTheWord #LiveTheWord, hosted by Jamey Santiago-Manual.

How would you define success? Through your achievements? Wealth? Degree? Rain Matienzo used to define success this way. Coming from a family of achievers, she always wanted to prove herself to others. Having this kind of mindset became her identity in pursuing her goals until pride entered her life. How did Rain overcome her struggle of finding her security and identity from other people? Be inspired as you watch her story on this episode of #KapitLangCBNAsia, hosted by Sonjia Calit.
Singer-songwriter Sheena Lee got depressed and anxious when she started living far away from her brother who took care of her. How did God comfort her amid all the lost of identity and uncertainties? When did she realize that God will always be on her side.
“I would give my life to You. Just heal me.” That is the line Gino Padilla told the Lord amid his health issue. After experiencing fame throughout his career, Gino became prideful and always cared for his image. Even though he accepted Jesus way back 80’s, he did not take his relationship with Him seriously until a health issue broke him. What did God use to talk to Gino about his situation? How did God show His grace and miracle despite a prideful life? Be inspired by his story on this episode of “Kapit Lang”, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Depression. Rebellion. Suicidal thoughts. Who would’ve thought these things would happen to a happy and funny person like the comedian, Jobert Austria? Behind all the laughter, Jobert was going through countless hardships that made him lose hope in life. How did the Lord change his heart and give him a new start? Watch and be inspired by his story in this episode of “Kapit Lang”, hosted by Icko Gonzalez.

Are you praying for something and it seems like the Lord doesn’t hear your prayers? Maybe you have the same situation as what Daisy Reyes experienced during her struggling times. Be encouraged by her story on how she surrendered her life to God and put her future in His hand as you watch this episode of “Kapit Lang”, hosted by Sonjia Calit.

Ayie is an achiever and a pastor’s kid. Growing up, she had earned a lot of achievements, but behind the successes, she was struggling with handling pressure. She was always concerned about what others would think. Ayie has been getting more opportunities after she graduated college until the pandemic happened. This made her feel hopeless. How was she able to face these challenges in life despite having success? Watch and be inspired by her story in this episode of “Kapit Lang”, hosted by Sonjia Calit.