“I was at a point in my life where I would do anything just to attain happiness. I got into smoking, drinking, pornography, and masturbation thinking that these things would satisfy me,” JM Guanzon confessed.

Are you also chasing after happiness, yet you end up feeling empty?

JM understands your story.

JM Guanzon 01

He is the man behind the viral magic vines’ videos. But then, behind the fame and popularity that he received from social media is a boy hanging by a thread when the separation of his parents wrecked him.

“I learned to party every night and abused my body all the more with drugs,” he said.

Yet in the middle of this endless search for happiness and fulfillment, these questions kept ringing in his mind that no drugs, alcohol, nor pornography can answer.

“I have my 100,000 followers and 3 million views for every video that I post, but why am I still unhappy? What is the purpose of my life?”

The good news is that God is not intimidated by your questions, but He will use people to bring answers to your hopeless situation.

JM Guanzon 0002

JM stumbled upon an online video from The 700 Club Asia and everything changed since then.

“I watched a story about a man who has the same experience as me. He got addicted to drugs and entered into failed relationships but what set him free was Jesus,” he narrated.

Jesus stepped into JM’s darkness and flooded his life with light.

“I remember that this was the time that I was so desperate to satisfy the longing and emptiness in my heart and through this online video, I encountered Jesus,” he added.

Then, he got invited by a friend to join a church community that led him to deepen his relationship with Jesus who set him free life’s destructions.

And, JM did not stop there.

JM Guanzon 03

His love for Jesus grew like wildfire and started a YouTube channel dedicated to spreading the love he experienced.

“This is to tell the whole world that true peace at happiness can only be found in Jesus,” he said.

Although his family is still in the process of healing, JM introduced the Hope he found to them.

His mother came to the saving knowledge of Jesus while his father and other siblings are now attending church services and they read the Bible together.

“Thank you The 700 Club Asia for letting God use you to help me encounter Jesus,” JM closed with a hopeful heart.

JM Guanzon 04

You are not a hopeless case. You are the reason why Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the 3rd day, to redeem you and give you new life just like what JM experienced.

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