Haidie and Alan struggled financially in the early years of their marriage because Alan was jobless at that time.


When she got pregnant in 2015, it was discovered that she had myoma which posed a big threat in her pregnancy and took a huge toll on her finances.

“The medicine was expensive. I had to buy every two weeks. So, I kept on thinking to myself if I would be able to sustain it,” she shared.


Not long after giving birth, the doctors discovered that she had appendicitis, which needed surgery right away.

Non-stop problems made Haidie cry, worry, and doubt for a time but she was able to overcome because of God! The Lord became her strength during tough times and her provider in times of lack.


Haidie and Alan are avid watchers The 700 Club Asia. Through the show, they were able to know the saving knowledge of Christ and received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They are also frequent callers of the CBN Asia Prayer Center.

“I had a strong relationship with God because of this show,” she shared.

Are you also continuously facing problems?

Like Haidie, God will rescue you each time. He will be your Healer, Provider, and Comfort. He said in His Word, “The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.” – Psalm 34:19


Now, Haidie is actively serving God in a church with her family!

If you need prayers, you can reach the 24/7 CBN Asia Prayer Center anytime.

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