As a kid, Sharon Pagang learned the value of giving back God and sharing her blessings with others. But then, her heart in giving was tested when she experienced a health problem that required her to undergo surgery.

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“I was so worried! I was afraid about the operation, especially it would need a large amount of money,” she said.

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Her health condition shook her peace and her commitment to giving. But instead of holding on to her worries and fears, she chose to put all her cares to God, and continue their (with her husband) commitment of giving P500 to CBN Asia.

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As they chose to entrust God her battle, her health was restored. Her lab result showed that she would not need to undergo surgery because the kidney stones were already gone from her body.

For having a grateful and generous heart, God showed them more of His goodness. Sharon did not just receive healing. Doors of business opportunities opened for her and her husband got promoted as a manager.

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God’s surprises didn’t end there. As they focused on committing their lives to God and partnering with His work, then He gave them one of their greatest desires as husband and wife – a baby. For 12 years of praying and waiting, God made their union fruitful.

“We are so happy! We are so grateful to God. He’s so amazing for He has given this blessing that we will never forget.”

The couple has proven that no one can outgive God. As Proverbs 11:24a says, “Those who give generously receive more.” When you choose to give, the Lord opens heaven’s window to pour out His blessing to you.

Whatever your concern is, trust that God will accept your offer to Him, give back, and multiply it. God is faithful, all we need to do is to have faith in His promises.

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If you want to prove that the secret of receiving is in giving and that God is always there to go beyond your expectations, we encourage you to partner with CBN Asia as we bless and minister to our hurting and helpless kababayans especially during this time of the pandemic.

If you need prayers and encouragement, you can always contact us through CBN Asia Prayer Center, or watch The 700 Club Asia every weeknight, 12 mn on GMA Network.

God bless your heart!