It is easy to give when it is convenient, but how will you keep giving when your once flourishing source of income suddenly fails you?

It was a productive day for Larry and his meat business when a loyal client unexpectedly decided to get meat from another supplier and would no longer transact with him.


“I was really sad because the partnership is a big help in my business. The loss cost me 5,000 worth of weekly income.” Larry says.

Discouraged and wondering about the next step to take, Larry chanced upon an episode of The 700 Club Asia where an update about Operation Blessing’s humanitarian efforts was being aired.


Larry was moved by what he saw and realized how blessed he still is.

Yes, he just had a heartbreaking loss in his business, but he still has the capacity to give. So by faith, he decided to support CBN Asia’s cause and donated.


“God gives us blessings and we should share these to other people. Not keeping it for ourselves. But rather, we should serve as a channel of blessing to those who are in need.” Larry shares with a bright smile on his face.


Proving that God rewards a cheerful giver, he ended up having another client that brought in bigger profit in his business than the one he lost.

With a strengthened conviction, Larry treasures this valuable lesson that he learned from the Lord and continued to step out in faith,giving out of a cheerful and grateful heart.


“I am so thankful to God for continually using The 700 Club Asia to help our kababayans who are in need. He also uses it to open the minds and hearts of people to continually have a deep and trusting relationship with Him.” Larry shares.

Now it is your turn to experience God’s faithfulness.

Are you ready to give out of a cheerful heart? Partner with CBN Asia today!