Where Does Your Hope Come From?

Against all odds, Lea Anyayahan’s hope lies in God. 

Lea’s hope and faith remained unshaken even when she had to work in Norway to provide the needs of her loved ones.

But when she went home for vacation and spend some time with her children, she started experiencing lower back pain and an excruciating pain in her lower abdomen. 

She endured it until one night, the pain became overwhelming. She could not move nor sit comfortably. Worry crept in as she remembered that it was the same pain she endured when she was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) years ago. 

“When I laid down, I was really in pain. I could not get up; it was so painful. I was worried that my infection recurred, and it worsened. I could not endure the pain any longer,” Lea narrated.

Like Lea, have you ever felt such intense pain that you do not know where to turn to?  

Thankfully, watching The 700 Club Asia became her daily habit since 2010. Even while in pain, Lea turned the TV on and watched the show in search for comfort. 

To Lea’s surprise, the hosts prayed for viewers who are suffering from lower back pain. Lea knew that that specific prayer is for her. 

“They prayed and encouraged me to claim healing from the Lord. I claimed that prayer and when I tried to move, the pain was gone!” Lea exclaimed. The next day, she was able to walk again. “I told my children that God healed me! 

In awe of the instant and total healing she received, Lea was moved to support God’s ministry. It dawned on her that she can reach out to her kababayans even though she is miles away from her beloved country. 

However, giving became extra challenging for Lea. Their family’s lot will soon be foreclosed, and they would need a huge amount of money to get their property back. 

“I had 20 pesos in my pocket, but I was at peace. Because I know God will provide for my family,” Lea declared. 

Despite her lack, Lea continued to partner her prayers with obedience. She is in great faith that as she gives, God will take care of her needs. 

Amazingly enough, God surpassed Lea’s expectations. 

She was expecting a certain amount in her bank account, but she was shocked to see almost triple the amount in it! Clueless about where the money came from, Lea tried to contact her family and ask around. She found out that her daughter’s uncle blessed them in secret and people who owed her money started paying her back. 

Lea soon learned that she can never outgive God when He surrounded her with friends who helped her take back their family’s lot. 

“I always say that God is so good! It is wonderful to live with Him because He is so kind and faithful. All I have right now is not because of me. It is because of our Lord,” Lea ended. 

No matter what life brings her way, Lea continues to hold onto God’s hope. With a faithful God, she is confident that she will always make it through, against all odds. 

Are you struggling to find hope these days? 

Hang in there.  

In the midst of troubles and uncertainties, God’s hope will be your light. And though a man’s faith can be shaken, God is faithful and true to His Word. Hold on tightly and pray unwaveringly – He will provide for you, guide you, and will always make a way for you. 

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23 NIV) 

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