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Do you know that the things that will prepare you for marriage are actually the things you learn right now, while you are enjoying your singleness? 

Be inspired as couple and Beyond Small Talk hosts Jan and Jamey Manual share insightful tips on navigating and thriving in your godly relationship: 

Tip #1: Honor and obey your parents, mentors, and leaders 

This doesn’t mean that you have to blindly follow the advice of other people. This means honoring the people who love you and want the best for you, and being humble and open to accept their advice, corrections, or rebuke.

Tip #2: Identify your purpose and plan in entering a relationship 

Why do you date? Why do you want to get married? 

Today’s culture has ingrained in many people’s minds that relationships can be disposable. But love, according to the Bible, never ends (1 Corinthians 13:8)Ask God to seek your heart’s motives and guide you in entering a purposeful relationship – with marriage and God in mind. 

Tip #3: Honor the family of the person you want to marry 

If you are a man and you are trying to win a woman’s heart, Jan has an advice for you, “It’s additional pogi points if you talk to the parents and ask for their blessing. 

Tip #4: Find a church community or accountability group 

While loving the Lord with all your heart is the first rule in life (Mark 12:30), leaning on other Christians who love you would be the golden rule in dating. These people will celebrate with you and will point you to Jesus, but they will also confront you with inconvenient truths when needed. 

Are you looking for an accountability group? ThCBN Asia Prayer Center has hundreds of faithful church partners across the country. Call 8-737-0-700 to connect to a church near you. 

Tip #5: Practice right discernment 

Someone might be a great friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean they would make a great husband or wife. 

Sure, everyone is a work in progress, but you can see where a person is headed by looking at their choices now. Remember, you can choose your spouse, but your future kids cannot choose their parent. Choosing a good parent for them is your responsibility. Practice right discernment and choose wisely! 

Tip #6: Take care of yourself and invest in your physical appearance 

Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make. Jan expounds, “You will present yourself to the person and to that person’s family. We are not pleasing people, but we must be presentable.” 

Tip #7: Surround yourself with the right people 

Like Tip #4, there is power in surrounding yourself with the right people. Jan and Jamey point out that it is okay to socialize, but you must guard yourself and know your limitations. 

Likewise, do not sulk in nor isolate yourself from others, Just because we are in a pandemic doesn’t mean you would refrain from interacting with people. Consider attending online fellowships. 

Tip #8: Don’t give in to the pressures of this world 

Feeling pressured to find a significant other? Don’t give in. 

Just because all your friends are settling down doesn’t mean you have to walk the same path and follow their timeline. You are doing great! In fact, singleness can be one of the best seasons of your life! 

If you have a hard time believing that, Jayme offers a reassuring advice, “You don’t marry because you’re lonely. You don’t marry because you need money. God will take care of you and your love life, so don’t be pressured. Instead of being pressured, trust in Him. Pray!” 

Tip #9: Pray and ask God’s guidance 

Set aside an intimate date with your Heavenly Father and ask, “God, what do you want for me?”  

Seek God’s heart and ask Him to reveal who He has for you and what kind of marriage He wants for youPray and receive God’s direction and wisdom! (James 1:5) 

Above all these tips, remember that having a healthy relationship with Jesus will ultimately help you prepare for the One God has for you.

For more tips about singleness, dating, and marriage, watch the next webisode of Beyond Small Talk this coming Saturday, February 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM on The 700 Club Asia Facebook page and YouTube channel! 

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