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iCBTcampaign initiated by CBN Asia, aspires to reach out to Filipino millennials like you who may be struggling, hurting, or seeking a community where you can belong to. You are also welcome if you just want to have fun!

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The breaker goes up before them. They break through the gate, and go out. And their king passes on before them, with the LORD at their head. (Micah 2:13 NHEB)


  • Elizabeth Bautista

    Hi! Godbless!

    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you very much for reading our article. it is our pleasure also to pray for you, please let us know how we can minister to you by calling us anytime at 8-7370700, or through viber number 0949-888-8001 or Skype the700clubasia. You may also send us a PM through our Facebook messenger, or at Blessings!

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