One Year After: Putting Taal Volcano Eruption Survivors at the Heart of Healing

It just took a couple of earthquakes and a deadly eruption to change the lives of many Batangueños.

Suddenly, the once picturesque Taal Volcano was covered by a massive cloud of hazardous ash and rocks. The destructive eruption displaced thousands of familiesdestroying millions-worth of livelihood, and leaving residents unsure of how they could get back on their feet.

It was an early crisis for 2020.

One year after the Taal Volcano eruption, how are the survivors coping?

To Janet Orlanes, the effects of the disaster still linger. Their setback worsened when the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and series of strong typhoons hit the country.

“First, we faced the volcanic eruption. After that, the COVID-19. Then, Typhoon Quinta. If we would think about it, how can we recover if tragedies keep on happening?” Janet said in vernacularlamenting the seemingly unending challenges they experience since last year.

They were trying to recover from the Taal Volcano’s unrest but then, the recent typhoons ravaged their newly built home.

Like Janet, many people in the province were left reeling from the crises and gasping for help.

That is why it is a huge help for them when the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, visited their community and provided much-needed relief since day one.

Putting the survivors at the heart of healing, Operation Blessing continues to provide non-stop recovery efforts to help affected families get back on their feet.

As part of Operation Blessing’s rehabilitation program, families from different barangays in Batangas received construction materials that can be used to repair their homes. Hundreds of fishermen were also given screen wires to rebuild fish cages while others received livelihood assistance to repair their boats.

Most importantly, the beneficiaries got the chance to hear words of encouragement and the saving love of Jesus – the true source of hope. 

“God used Operation Blessing to help us. You are indeed a blessing to many!” Janet shared.

One year after the Taal Volcano eruption, there is still a lot to be done to help survivors fully recover and heal from the tragedy. 

Help them build their lives back! Donate via GCash (Operation Blessing), throughOperation Blessing’s website, or through the following bank accounts with account name: Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.: 

Banco De Oro (BDO)    

Peso Account: 003-000-055-279    

Dollar Account: 103-000-11-3333    

Swift Code: BNORPHMM   

Union Bank of the Philippines    

Peso Account: 00-216-072163-9    

Dollar Account: 13-216-000170-0    

Swift Code: UBPHPHMM   


Peso Account: 270-3-27050273-4    

Dollar Account: 270-2-27000282-4    

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM  

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)    

Peso Account: 3001-0040-33  

For sponsorships and other information on how you can help, visit Operation Blessing’s Facebook page and feel free to call 09399215543 or 09189067753. 

If you wish to support the other ministries of CBN Asiayou may partner with us through this link. 

(DSWD-SB-SP-00029-2019 Nationwide) 

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