Watch CBN Asia’s “Oligase” at the 18th Mindanao Film Festival!

And yes, you can watch it for free!

CBN Asia’s first feature film, Oligase: Demon of Fear, has been selected for screening at the 18th Mindanao Film Festival (MFF) – the longest-running regional film festival in the Philippines and the longest-running independent film festival in the country.

Film enthusiasts around the world will get the chance to see Oligase under the Feature-length Exhibition during MFF’s free online screening on its YouTube channelhappening on December 7- 13, 2020. 

John Valdes TanCBN Asia’s Chief Operating Officer and one of the directors of Oligase, hopes that his first theatrical film would bring a greater understanding of our indigenous kababayans.

“We live among them, we know of them. But truly, [it igreatto understand their beliefs, their struggles, their challenges, and their way of life,” Tan shared.

Co-director Icko Gonzalez shares the same heart for indigenous peoples and invites everyone to support Oligase’s screening next week, as well as the film’s advocacy.

“We hope that this film will spark inspiration for all of us to really get to know them and support them and their dreams. Because just like you and I, they also have dreams,” Gonzalez said.

The feature-length film was based on the novel Oligase by Pio Gabad Arce and was entirely shot in the remote villages of Marilog District in Davao City, the home of the Matigsalug tribe. Produced in partnership with Kalayag Child Care and Youth Community Center Inc., it aims to shed light on important and long-pressing issues that plague indigenous Filipinos.

Do not miss Oligase’s online screening! Subscribe to MFF’s YouTube channel and watch it with your family and friends.

If you are interested to know more about the film and take part in its advocacy, check out Oligase’s website and Facebook Page. 

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