Can You be a Hero from Zero?

You’ve probably read it in your history books. Every August 31, on National Heroes’ Daythe country commemorates the “Cry of Pugad Lawin that started the revolt against the Spanish rule and celebrates the heroes of the Philippine Revolution.

At present, August 31 is not just celebrated for the same reason. National Heroes’ Day has become a day to also celebrate modern-day Filipino heroes.

You may ask, “Who are these so-called modern-day heroes?”

They can be the doctors, nurses, aid workers, and all the brave frontliners who fight for the lives of COVID-19 patients during this pandemic. They can also be the teachers who work overtime to come up with a better online teaching strategy for their students. Or, they can be those who work at the grocery stores, restaurants, or the delivery apps to cater to your basic needs.

Like them, you can be a modern-day hero, too! You might already be a hero even if you don’t feel like one. Here’s how to spot how you can be a hero from “zero.”

1. The hero who doesn’t wear a cape 

The current global crisis makes people feel overwhelmed and makes enduring the new normal quite challenging.  It has put everyone on the same page regardless of age, gender, nationality, or social class rank 

You don’t need a title, position, or any rank to help others during this crisis.

You helped organize a donation drive for vulnerable families? There goes the hero in you. How about when you raised funds to buy face masks or face shields for those who can’t afford it? Or when you prepared lunch for frontliners and other volunteers?

You don’t need a cape nor a uniform to be a hero. 

Your heart just longs to help because you know that as you do, your light shines before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16 NIV)

2. The hero who sees and feels 

Someone may be grieving the loss of a loved onesuffering because they were laid off, or battling against anxiety and depression.

You are a hero when you offered them supportYou showed that you care by patronizing their small online business. You gave them a call. You listened and prayed for those who are distressed. You even sent your friends flowers when you learned that their loved ones passed away.

You see these people; you feel their needs. You mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15 NIV) 

3. The hero who would do what he/she could 

Maybe, you do not own a business to provide jobs for the jobless. You do not have millions to feed many. You certainly cannot take away the pain of someone who is grieving.

Yet, you do not focus on what you could not do but on what you could, and you did it out of love and compassion. 

You reached out and made phone and video calls, cooked a meal or two for a family, raised funds with some of your friends, sent flowers and encouraging notes, purchased from a friend’s small business, called your pastor and elders to pray for someone, supported a cause and donated. 

You did just like what the woman with the alabaster jar did. She took what little she had, broke the alabaster jar and poured it on Jesus. That’s all that she had and all she could do but Jesus was pleased for she did what she could(Mark 14:8a NIV) 

The Filipino heroes sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears for you to enjoy the freedom you exercise right now. But there is this one ultimate hero who walked in humility and obedience, sat and wept with the broken, and demonstrated His Father’s great love for mankind. 

His name is Jesus.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13 NKJV)

You too, can be a hero to someone today. Visit the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines’ website now and know how you can help.  

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