What does COVID-19 mean to families who are already struggling?

It could be devastating.

For vulnerable and poverty-stricken families, COVID-19 could mean hunger and helplessness.

And as you read this article, hundreds of them remain overburdened due to the pandemic.

One of them is Mary Rose Gonzales’s household. Even before the crisis hit the country, their family was already struggling to make ends meet. They used to rely on his husband’s humble earnings as a gadget repairman.

Now that the lockdown has disrupted his husband’s opportunity to earn, Mary Rose is worried about how to put food on their table. However, her greater worry is how to take care of and provide for the needs of her young twins with disabilities.

It’s difficult for us to earn a living now. We cannot depend on my husband’s job as a gadget repairman because people nowadays would rather buy food than have their phones repaired. We do not know where to get money for our daily needs,” Mary Rose lamented.

Their family’s lack of stable income made it harder for Mary Rose to afford nutritious food for their daughters, who are both visually impaired, “It pains me to think that on top of my twins’ disabilities, they would also experience hunger. It’s hard for me to accept that.

At a time when their family was wrapped up in hunger, uncertainty, and despair, prayers became their security blanket.

“We pray together as a family. We pray for the quarantine to end, and for us to have an opportunity to earn again and buy food and water,” Mary Rose shared.

They were in this situation when Mary Rose sent a message to the Facebook page of Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines – CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm. With hopes of bringing immediate relief, Operation Blessing visited Mary Rose’s community in Muntinlupa and provided much-needed food packs and hygiene kits.

That moment also paved a way for Mary Rose to know and experience the saving love of God, through the prayers and encouraging words offered by the Operation Blessing team. She cannot help but be emotional and grateful that God answered their prayers.

“I am really happy because what you have given us is a huge help to our family, especially to my children. Thank you very much, Operation Blessing, for the relief you brought to me and my daughters! May you help more people like us, who are struggling because of COVID-19,” Mary Rose ended.

Your generosity makes it possible for Operation Blessing to continue bringing aid to our struggling kababayansDo you want to help bless more families in this time of need?

Partner with us now by donating online or through Paypal (obpaypal@paypal.com), GCash (Operation Blessing). For more details, you may visit the Operation Blessing website and Facebook page, or contact 8663-4701, 8663-4710 or 0939-921-5543.

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