Tips to Keep Kids Safe and Sound during Quarantine | National Safe Kids Week

In light of the new normal, homes have now become more than just a place to live in. They have also turned into the new office for adults, and a new school or playground for the children.

So, what can parents do to keep the children safe and sound while they are staying at home?

This National Safe Kids Week, here are tips to help create a safer place for your little ones:

    1. Create a safety checklist

As kids grow and discover new things, minor bruises and scrapes are normal. Stumbling, slipping, and falling are all part of their childhood. But, there are ways for parents and caregivers to ensure that children are safe from serious harm.

In line with this, created a parents’ checklist which includes tips for parents for preventing injuries at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The checklist suggests that parents must store household cleaning products safely to prevent poisoningLikewise, keep all medicine, even vitamins, out of children’s reach and sight.

To avoid drowning, make sure that young children are within arm’s reach of an adult during bath time and are being closely watched when they are swimming in backyard pools.

To further minimize risks in your household, keep hot foods and beverages away from the edge of counters and tables. Separate toys by age and keep little game pieces away from little kids. Install safety gates on stairs and guards on windows to prevent falls, keep small objects and cords to window blinds out of reach, and secure top-heavy furniture and TVs to create a safe place for kids to play.

    1. Keep their online experiences positive and safe 

Now that families are stuck at home during the pandemic, children are spending a lot more time online. Learning, entertainment, and even connecting with family and friends have abruptly shifted to the digital realm.

UNICEF encourages parents to keep an open communication with their kids about who they interact with online and how. 

You can also use technology to protect your children by running the latest antivirus programs, covering webcams, checking their privacy settings, and teaching them to keep personal information from strangers.

Spend time with your child online so you could also model kindness and empathy through your virtual interactions with families and friends. It also gives you an opportunity to explain the negative messaging they see on the internet and help promote respect toward their online interactions 

Encourage them to practice healthy online habits by making use of online tools.

    1. Help them develop a sound mind

In the midst of a pandemic, children are prone to moments of stress, uncertaintyand fearHelp them develop a sound mind and find comfort in God by teaching them how to pray. 

Superbook has opened its Kids Prayer Line to help kids prayChildren may call (02) 8737-0700 and the toll free number 1-800-1-888-8700, or send in their prayer requests through email ( and text 0998-595-0178.

Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from Him (Psalm 127:3). They deserve to be safe and sound physically, mentally, and emotionally as they grow to be the person God wants them to beThey deserve the best and gentlest love, attention, and care this world has to offer. 

If you want to learn more tips about parenting, visit the Batang Superbook Facebook page. 

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