Is There a Way to Overcome My Fears?

Agnes Renegado asked the same question when constant nightmares started haunting her – disturbing her sleeps. 

It left her restless and filled her once peaceful life with extreme fear and emotional trauma.

“I would always cry because I always felt afraid. I would talk to my husband and ask him if he thinks I’m losing my mind,” Agnes narrated.

Her condition got worse and started affecting her livelihood. The several rejections she experienced from her job applications felt like another nightmare in her waking hours. 

“It was so difficult for me to find a job. It felt like something is hindering me to work. I would pray and ask God why this is happening to me. I couldn’t take it any longer, Agnes lamented.

Longing for peace in the middle of an overwhelming fear, Agnes chanced upon The 700 Club Asia one nightWatching the show paved a way for her to call the CBN Asia Prayer Center to ask for help. 

“The prayer counselor explained to me that praying and reading the Bible is the best way to overcome the fears the enemy is trying to give meI was also asked if I’d like to join a Bible study,” she recalled.

Constant prayers and series of Bible studies in their home helped Agnes overcome her fearsIt also enabled her to grow in her relationship with God and taught her how to pray with faith and confidence.  

Gradually, Agnes was freed from her fears. She accepted Jesus Christ in her heart and she found healing in the presence of God.

Her fear of nightmares and rejection turned into a Godly fear. “The fear of the Lord means trusting Him. It is having peace of mind, calm in my heart, and authentic happiness,” a delighted Agnes shared.   

As a way of thanking God for His faithfulness in her life, Agnes also began donating to CBN Asia. After a month, her husband got promoted at his job – allowing them to provide for their son’s educational needs. God also blessed Agnes with a career in a hotel. 

“I am very grateful because a lot of things in my life changed. I now have courage to overcome my fears while I trust and obey God,” Agnes ended. 

Are you crippled by fears right now? 

Take heart! There is no fear in Jesus Christ! His perfect love for you can cast out any fear, nightmare, or rejection. His perfect love for you can give you peace, comfort, and healing. Don’t you know that He is just waiting for you to receive Him?

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18)

We want to help you overcome your fears through prayers. You may call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0700 and we would love to pray with you.

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