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Millions of children are growing up without fathers for different reasons.

It could be because the father has abandoned the family or has already passed away. It could also be because the father is distant or is working away from home.

Whatever the reason may be, growing up without a solid father figure is a huge challenge for men who wish to be a father. Now, the questions arise: when a fatherless man becomes a father, what kind of father will he be? How can a fatherless father be a great dad to his own children?

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from Beyond Small Talk hosts Peter Kairuz, Erick Totañes, and Jan Manual.

1. Look for a role model and a mentor

If you grow up without a dad, Peter suggests to “look for a role model and pattern your life after him. When you’re thinking seriously about settling down, ask him questions so you can learn from a man that you respect.

Find a good male role model now. He could be someone you respect from the church, at work, or a relative you look up toIt could be someone from a support group. Watch how he interacts with his children and ask him for advice about fatherhood.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22, NIV)

2. Allow God to father you

In Psalm 68:5, God reveals himself as the father to the fatherless.

Someone who does not have a good relationship with his father might have a hard time believing that God is a good father. ButHe is. And even though you do not have an earthly father, God is a perfect father.

He will father you and guide you to become a good man – and a good dad to your children. He will show you that He is good and perfect in every encounter with Him through prayers and His Word.

Be encouraged! You can still be the best father you can be, even in the absence of one, as you learn from God’s grace, love, wisdom, and humility.

“‘And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to Me,’ says the Lord Almighty. (2 Corinthians 6:18 NASB)

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