Do You Want to Get Out of Debt?

Belen Reforma was desperate to. 

Belen Reforma Prayer Center 1

When Belen’s husband lost his job, their family found it extremely hard to meet their daily needs. Their small sari-sari store became their only source of funds, but it wasn’t enough to cover all expenses – especially their daughter’s tuition fees. 

Because of this, they were forced to borrow money. The interest, however, grew and grew until their debt reached 1.3 million pesos. Overwhelmed and frustrated, Belen spiraled into depression. 

Belen Reforma Prayer Center 2

“When I couldn’t take our problems anymore, I got so depressed. Every time the debt collectors come, I would hide from them,” Belen recalled. 

Belen Reforma Prayer Center 3

Due to extreme fear and shame, Belen almost took her own life. 

“There was a time that I urgently needed 38,000 pesos. I thought of ending my life so that my family won’t be dragged into the shame I put myself into,” Belen lamented. 

Feeling helpless, Belen opened the television and chanced upon The 700 Club Asia. She got inspired by the testimony of a woman who had a huge debt just like her. The woman was able to settle all her debts amounting to 13 million pesos. Hoping that the same miracle would happen to her, Belen donated to the CBN Asia right after watching the show. 

The following day, CBN Asia’s Prayer Center called her, prayed for her, and connected her family to a church in their community. Right there and then, Belen heard the Word that sparked hope in her heart. She was in awe as good news came pouring in in just 24 hours. Financial help from relatives and friends arrived unexpectedly, completing the 38,000 she needed. 

Belen Reforma Prayer Center 5

Through prayers and obedient giving, Belen’s family learned how to rise from the rubble. Belen was hired as a caretaker of a resort while her husband found a stable job. Aside from that, they were able to restore their sari-sari store – which enabled them to settle their debts. 

“Little by little, we were able to pay our debt and we don’t borrow money anymore. Apart from that, I also received the best gift ever when I encountered God and realized His mighty works in my life,” Belen ended. 

Indeed, God has responded to Belen’s obedience. When she called unto Him, He rescued her from helplessness and freed her from the bondage of their financial crisis.  

Belen Reforma Prayer Center 4

How about you, do you also want to get out of debt? If you are in the same situation, believe that God can still miraculously work in your life, even in your financial problems. 

Give all that is causing you to worry to God. All things are possible through Him. As declared in Mark 9:23, If you can believe, all things are possible to Him that believes. 

Do you need someone to pray for you? You may send your prayer requests online to the CBN Asia Prayer Center or call 8737-0700 and we are willing to join you in prayers.


  • Yannie

    I need your prayer

    • It’s our pleasure to pray for you, Yannie. Jesus loves you and You can find rest in Him, knowing that no matter what is happening around you, God Almighty has His hand on you. Lord, we pray for Yannie. Thank You for the privilege to come before You. Knowing that with you all things are possible. We speak peace, strength, wisdom and guidance upon, Yannie. In Jesus name. Thank You for hearing our prayers. Amen!

  • genevieve masibay alvarado

    please pray for me that i can be able to pay my debt 1.5M this month

    • Kagalakan namin na maipanalangin ka sa mga oras na ito. Panginoon, itinataas namin ang concern ni Genevieve Lord. Hindi man namin alam kung papaano ito matatapos pero naniniwala kami na walang imposible sa iyo. We declare provision, peace and debt free. In Jesus name. Amen!

  • Maria diana bombales

    I was inspired by the story,i am a breadwinner of my family. I have a good job that can support them but the thing is i am a singlemom,i have my niece with me to give a good education. And i supports my other siblings in the province. Although i have a good salary,its not enough to meet all ends. I have a huge debt as well that i can no longer pay where what i wanna do is to run away from it. Im getting so depressed knowing that the next day i need tl borrow to my friends just for me to go to work and leave my mom who is sick some money for foods while im at work. There is that this online application thag i was able to borrowed with 14,000 where i need to pay in full every 14 days. Things are so hard,but i need to go on. Thinkonh that one day i would be able to buy my son his toys and clothes that he wants. I just have to choose between what i want and what we need. For me,im just puttong everything into miracle.

    • Hi Maria, Jesus loves you and He cares for you. God’s word says in Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” God is faithful and He will deliver you and He will lead you in victory all the days of your life! We declare favor, blessings, provision, debt free, peace and guidance upon you. In Jesus name. Amen! Hindi ka bibiguin ng Diyos, patuloy ka lamang magtiwala sa Kanya. Feel free to call our prayer center hotline number at 8-737-0700 anytime. God bless you.

  • Johanne Castro

    Thank you very much for all inspiring stories that someone can relate…and I hope that all my financial problems also be solved & hope that May plan working abroad again will happen as soon as possible.. In Jesus Name. Amen…

    • You’re welcome, Johanne. To God be the glory! We stand in agreement with you. We pray for provisions for every need that you represent. Mark 11:24 says, Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. May His peace that passes understanding wash over you and guard your heart in Jesus’ Name! Amen.


    Pls, pray for me I have same situation like Belen.
    Thank You. God Bless, More Power to your Program.

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