What is the Value of My Life?

Alfie Persia used to ask this question over and over again. He never expected that searching for the answer would change his seemingly perfect childhood and affect his life forever. 


In a sudden turn of events, Alfie found out that the man he grew up with was not his real father. After that revelation, Alfie had to be separated from the adoptive parent who provides for his studies. He was brought to Manila to help his real father work at a very young age.  

“I really wanted to study but I had to work at a construction site. There, I went through hardships that I never experienced before. I even experienced falling from the 3rd floor,” lamented Alfie, recalling the accident he endured 

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Because of the accident, Alfie had to be assigned to a new workstation. He did not know that this new post will lead him to more dangerous circumstances.  

Starting off with different vices such as drinking and smoking, Alfie’s workmates eventually lured him into trying illegal drugs. Then, their company got bankrupted. Alfie’s life continued spiraling down into destruction.  

“Because our employer was not able to pay our salary, my workmates and I decided to sell his items.” 

Empty-handed and in need, he even resulted to sleeping with gay men in exchange of money. 

I’ve had homosexual acquaintances before, and I used to visit their beauty salonsOne time, I was so hungry, I allowed someone to use me for pleasure in exchange for money. It became a habit until one gave me just 20 pesos. I felt degraded and the reality suddenly hit me. Is the value of my life equal to this? Alfie painfully recalled. 

Feeling worthless, he succumbed into extreme loneliness and self-pity. He could not even get the high he get from vices because he could not finance those anymore. Amidst these, Alfie blamed his real father for his misfortunes. 

One day, while alone in a playground, Alfie looked at the sky and uttered the cries of his exhausted heart, “Lord, help me.” 

Alfie’s plea was answered when he was able to get another job. There, his new employer introduced him to a Christian fellowship. “The atmosphere was very different. I felt valued in that church. The members also inspired me to finish my studies,” Alfie said. 

He enrolled in the Alternative Learning System and completed 2 years in college with the support of his employer. Afterwards, Alfie worked hand-in-hand with his real father to complete the remaining 2 years. Through his perseverance and by God’s grace, Alfie finally got his dream diploma. 

Sharing this sweet success with his real father helped mend their relationship. He was able to offer forgiveness and it opened doors of favor for him. After graduating, Alfie was hired in a bank and eventually became a loan manager. God also blessed him with a good wife, and they are now involved in discipling the youth in different campuses.  

Looking back, Alfie can’t thank God enough for redeeming him and showing him his true value. 


 I cried my heart out. I accepted Jesus and declared that He should sit at the throne of my heart. My relationship with my father was healed when I met God. If not because of God’s love for me, I won’t be able to forgive my father. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Alfie ended. 

Do you also feel worthless? 

Like Alfie, believe that you were bought with a price. You are loved and valued by God. Your security is in Him and you can enjoy freedom from any bondage with His help.  

Let us pray for you! We are here if you need someone to talk to. Contact our CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0700.  

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