Pamilya Maleta and Operation Blessing Bring Families Together In Leyte

A wave of healing and restoration swept over families in Palanog, Tacloban and Palo, Leyte after Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines (OB), CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, and Pamilya Maleta, Trumpets’ first Filipino evangelical musical drama, teamed up to conduct a 3-day community outreach last October.

Pamilya Maleta and Operation Blessing 01

Many were moved to tears as Pamilya Maleta captivated the residents through the story of the Inusisa family played by Trumpets’ theater actors: Ems Bolaños as Kikay Inusisa, Icko Gonzalez as Tatay Berto, Carlos Canlas as Kuya Talino, Vanessa Paolelli-Kahn as Osang Inusisa, Neo Rivera as Tan-G-A Inusisa, and directed by Sweet Plantado, one of the original cast of Pamilya Maleta who also played the role of Betchay Inusisa.

Pamilya Maleta is a story about a family confronted by overwhelming struggles and issues relatable to Filipino families and their journey of finding Jesus – their Helper and Savior. The message pierced through the heart of the audience including Lisa Cuesta, a 34-year-old mother.

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Lisa empathizes with the role of Tatay Berto, a violent and alcoholic father. She said, “I can relate to Tatay Berto because I saw my father in him. Every day, I am praying that he would change for the better. Now, I have a hope that someday he would also come to know Jesus.” She also added that watching Pamilya Maleta helped her to ask for forgiveness from God and offer forgiveness to others as well.

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This is the reason why even after 25 years, Pamilya Maleta still continues to evangelize communities here and abroad through their God-given talents and skills.

“We are all merely Christ’s vessels and His instruments. To share the Gospel through this show is something that I will always consider a great privilege. It’s really why we do what we do. Not only that we would be blessed but that we would be a blessing. It’s not about us, it’s about Him and His message being known to every generation,” said Vanessa, the actress who played the Osang Inusisa role.

Pamilya Maleta and Operation Blessing 04

Recalling their humble beginnings, Director Sweet shared the time when God planted this vision in her heart. “It was in a retreat of Trumpets when I shared my desire of having a pocket show where we can go around cities, barrios, plazas, or basketball courts to spread God’s Word especially since not everybody can afford to buy tickets to see musicals like this.”

“25 years later, it’s still the same passion and vision for me for Pamilya Maleta – to spread God’s Word through singing and performing and to share God’s promise of love, hope, and forgiveness.” she continued with excitement.

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God’s Word was shared and many were inspired to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior after watching the show. The Pamilya Maleta cast was also able to lend a helping hand to distribute the gift packs from Unilever and Nestlé after the show.

Moreover, Gizmo and the Superbook team joined the outreach to bring cheers and joy to hundreds of kids present in the communities.

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Do you want to be part of bringing God’s message of love to different communities?

Feel free to call (+632) 8477-7802 to 04 or go to Operation Blessing website to know how.

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