Do You Want to be Rich?

Henrick Quiatchon aspired to be. 

Hendrick Quiatchon ACM 1

At a young age, Henrick already aspired to dream big by pursuing his studies. Financial problems and other hardships during his childhood years did not stop him from dreaming to be rich. 

Hendrick Quiatchon ACM 1

However, after graduating from high school, his father died due to a severe liver condition. To shoulder the new responsibility for their whole family, Henrick had to give up schooling to work as a construction worker and a factory worker. 

His dreams only rekindled when his older sibling had the opportunity to work abroad. Henrick thought he was back on track to success. He was performing well in school and even became the student council president. Amidst these, he was trying to find security and love by entering different relationships.  

He thought all was well until Henrick got his girlfriend pregnant. 

“It was difficult. I thought I was treading this path to success then I had to jump into the other side and take the role and responsibility of being a father,” Henrick recalled. 

Hendrick Quiatchon ACM 3

Driven by a father’s love for his child, Henrick juggled his responsibilities by working and studying at the same time. By hard work, he eventually earned his diploma in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. 

Hendrick Quiatchon ACM 4

His taste of victory did not last when he discovered the concealed truth about his daughter. 

“I really treated her as my daughter. We were inseparable and she was so sweet to me, then I discovered that I am not her real father,” he lamented. 

He was in the midst of anguish when a friend invited him to a church. There, he discovered the love that filled what’s lacking in his heart. When Henrick accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he decided to turn his back from trying to find satisfaction in relationships and money. He decided to start over. 

As he grew deeper in his faith, Henrick also joined their church’s missions’ trip – opening his heart to sharing the love of God to other nations. The calling grew louder when he attended the Missionary Training Program and Kairos Course of CBN Asia’s Asian Center for Missions. 

Hendrick Quiatchon ACM 6

After a life of trying to seek security from people and money, Henrick has now found true riches in Jesus. As what Isaiah 33:6 said, “He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.” 

Hendrick Quiatchon ACM 5

“The only thing we need in our life is Jesus. The true love we’re looking for can only be found in Him,” Henrick ended. 

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