Bringing Goods and the Good News: Here’s How You Helped Typhoon Tisoy-affected Families

Ruel Paunil can still vividly recall the fear he felt for his family when the strong winds of Typhoon Tisoy ripped off the roof of their humble home in Sorsogon. The raging floods also washed away their crops – destroying their only source of livelihood. 

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Still favored, none of his family members were hurt. However, the father of two was worried about how they would make ends meet after the disaster 

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I was inside our house when the floods swept away our thingsWe are deeply saddened because we poured our best to build our simple home,” Ruel shared. 

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Ruel’s wife Melanie also shared that after the onslaught, their children would eat rice with soy sauce just to survive the day. 

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That’s why it was a relief to Ruel and to other typhoon-stricken families when the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, flew to Sorsogon and to other communities that were severely affected by the typhoon. During OB’s One Step Ahead relief operations, over 1,769 families from Camarines Sur, Leyte, and Northern Samar received food packs, including Ruel and Melanie. 

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The Emmaus Christian Fellowship, CBN Asia’s church partner in Sorsogon, helped the disaster response team in distributing the goods, and the Good News. The church prayed for the families and introduced them to the comforting and everlasting love of God. 

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“During tough times like these, people become more sincere. Their heartare willing to accept the Word of God, expressed Head Pastor Rafael Dominguez after thanking those who helped his fellow Sorsogueños. 

Meanwhile, Ruel and Melanie cannot help but express their gratitude for the assistance they received, Thank you very much, Operation Blessing, for bringing us food, and praying for us. 

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CBN Asia’s President and CEO, Peter Kairuz, also shared, “Because of you, donors, we were able to bring comfort and the love of Jesus to 1,769 families this Christmas season. A big thank you to everyone who partnered with usMay God bless you with a joyful and meaningful Christmas.” 

Disasters are inevitable but we can do something to help! This Christmas, partner with us in bringing relief to more families in need by visiting the Operation Blessing website. You may also call 8477-7802 to 04 to know how you can help.

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