Are you willing to be God’s business partner? 

At first, Elvira Nuestro never thought that she would be. 

Just like any loving mother, Elvira has always dreamed of giving the best life for her children. Even though her husband is an engineer, Elvira still finds themselves struggling to make ends meet. 

“I had a lot of plans for my family. I wanted a car and a bigger house because my kids are growing up. Also, I wanted to have another source of income that will not hinder me from taking care of them,” Elvira hoped. 

The mother of two sees the value of having a good and faithful partner in every venture she will take in life. That is why when it comes to business and her family’s finances, she entrusts them to the best business partner there is – God. 

From the humble beginnings of her business venture as an event coordinator, Elvira learned to invest in God’s business of blessing people and transforming lives. 

We started watching The 700 Club Asia in 2013. It helped us deepen our relationship with God. Through the show, we also realized that giving should be part of our priorities,” recalled Elvira. 

She faithfully donated to CBN Asia ever during a time where she had to give her last money.  

God did not fail her and rewarded her generosity and perseverance. Even though she doesn’t have a formal background in her chosen business, God allowed it to flourish. 

My business would have never been a success without God. I had zero knowledge about it when it started, and I know nothing about Marketing. I prayed and asked God for strength. So, when the business became a hit, it was unexpected,” Elvira shared. 

With all the blessings their family received, Elvira believes that it should equate to investing more in God’s work. We continuously give to The 700 Club Asia because we know where the donation goes and who is ultimately being glorified with what they do. That is, the Lord Jesus.” 

As a return of her faithful investment, Elvira was able to own 3 cars, and a new and bigger home, “I thank God for giving us the chance to experience the joy in giving. Thank you, The 700 Club Asia, for inspiring us to be part of God’s ministry,” Elvira ended. 

Elvira’s story shows that people can never out give God. As said in Proverbs 19:17, “If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD— and he will repay you!”  

God sees. 

When you trust Him in all you do and invest in blessing His people, you can rest with the assurance that God sees your faithfulness and generosity. God sees that you trust Him to provide for your material needs, as He feeds your spiritual needs. 

Like Elvira, are you looking for the perfect business partner? Do you also want to partner with God in blessing other people? Call us at 8-737-0700 and know how you can help transform lives through giving.


  • Maria FATIMA Forbes

    Hi. May I ask if you have a BPI account for donations? Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi Maria Fatima, thank you for your generosity. You may send your donation through any BPI Branch and kindly use the following details below:
      Account Name: CBN Asia, Inc.
      Current Account Number: 2371-0035-44

      Please send validated deposit slip through any of the following with complete name, address, mobile/telephone number and e-mail address:
      Mail: CBN Asia, Inc. P.O. Box 2572 MCPO, 1265 Makati City
      Fax: (632) 8892-2335
      E-mail: (scanned copy) to

  • Marlene

    i need God be my partner in life and business

    • Amen. May the gracious hand of God guide and support you. Continue to seek him. If you need prayers, feel free to contact our 24/7 prayer center at 8-737-0700. God bless you.

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