Superbook in Capul Island – Learning the Word of God in a Fun Way


There’s no island too far for Gizmo and the Superbook team when it comes to bringing the Word of God to the Filipino children!

Superbook Capul 11 (Gizmo at the Lighthouse)

Hundreds of kids in the island of Capul, Northern Samar welcomed Gizmo and the Superbook team with warm smiles and utter excitement on October 31.

Superbook Capul 2JPG

Although considered by some as an off the beaten path, Capul Island has been blessed with alluring nature and welcoming people. Days before the event, a town crier, locally known as Bandillo, announced the team’s arrival to the community.

The whole town was delighted to see Gizmo inviting the kids to the town plaza through a motorcade. The colorful caravan included young majorettes, drummer boys, lyre players, and students from Capul Central 1 Elementary School.

Superbook Capul 3

Superbook Capul 4

The heavy rains did not stop the youngsters from lining up at the Capul Town Plaza, who were all eager to learn, have fun, and meet their favorite character – Gizmo.

Superbook Capul 5

Superbook Capul 6JPG

It was a fun-filled afternoon packed with different activities such as film showing, dancing, and games. As a warm welcome, the children of Capul showcased their talents through some performances.

Superbook Capul 7

Superbook Capul 8JPG

They capped-off the day with the singing of The Salvation Poem with Gizmo. Hundreds of sweet little voices filled the plaza as they sang along, prayed, and accepted Jesus in their hearts.

Superbook Capul 9JPG

The kids also took home some gifts and enjoyed a simple meal together, prepared by the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia.

“The Lord was truly faithful as He stopped the rain exactly when the event was scheduled to begin. It truly was a miracle. [This is] Definitely one of the best Superbook experiences for me. It was a such a blessing to witness Superbook and Gizmo touch the hearts of the children,” expressed Robert John Tan, CBN Asia’s Chief Operating Officer.

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Do you want to partner with us in introducing the Word of God and His love to more Filipino children? You may visit the Batang Superbook website and Facebook page, and know how you can help!

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