Superbook and Operation Blessing reached out to Children in Leyte

People in Palanog, Tacloban and Palo, Leyte were never the same again as Superbook and CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, Operation Blessing (OB), held a community outreach on October 28-30.

This team-up brought nothing but uncontainable joy and excitement to children, who participated in fun games and faith-based activities.

In the crowd of young and energetic kids, 11-year-old and certified Batang Superbook Jimmy Boy stood out.

Jimmy Boy Superbook Tacloban 01

Jimmy Boy is a consistently honored student since kindergarten. He is fond of watching educational TV shows and Superbook is one of his favorites.

He enjoys watching the animated Bible series and his mother, Jonalyn Alegria, could not be prouder about how Superbook impacted her son’s life.

“I always catch my son watching Superbook. This is where Jimmy Boy learned how to pray and read God’s Word. He is a good son. He knows how to obey what the Word says,” Jonalyn said.

Jimmy Boy Superbook Tacloban 02

 “I love Superbook because it taught me more about Jesus and the Bible stories,” said Jimmy Boy.

Among his favorite Superbook episodes are David and Goliath’s A Giant Adventure, Moses’ The Ten Commandments, and Noah and The Ark.

“These episodes taught me how to put my trust in God and believe what He says He will do,” he happily expressed.

He also shared his most favorite Superbook character – Jesus. “I love Jesus because He sacrificed Himself to save us from our sins. He healed the crippled, brought sight to the blind, and fed thousands of people,” he said.

Jimmy Boy Superbook Tacloban 03

Even at a young age, Jimmy Boy is already a regular attendee of Sunday services and joins different church activities.

His mother shared, “I admit that I don’t regularly go to church, but I believe God is using my son to lead our family closer to Him.”

Jimmy Boy Superbook Tacloban 04

Jimmy Boy and all the other children in Tacloban and Palo received Oyayi coloring books, sketch pads, Unilever gift packs, and Nestlé milk. They also got the chance to witness Trumpets’ musical show about family struggles, Pamilya Maleta.

Jimmy Boy Superbook Tacloban 05

This is what happens when the body of Christ works together as one and you can be part of it.

You can be a partner in blessing the next generation! Visit Batang Superbook Facebook page to know how.

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