Is there a Way to Help End Poverty?

What do you feel when you see a homeless child sleeping on the streets?

The poor, the needy, the vulnerable. You see them everywhere – on the sidewalks, under the bridge, knocking at your door, or sometimes, in your ride going home. These daily encounters may have desensitized you to poverty.

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People “get used to it.” It seems like poverty is the new normal.

According to a World Bank press release last year, around 22M Filipinos still live below the national poverty line. Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) says in an article, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, that those who live in poverty experience deprivations such as dangerous work conditions, unsafe housing, lack of nutritious food, unequal access to justice, lack of political power, and limited access to health care.

These deprivations cage them into prolonged poverty, making it a cycle of hardship.

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This is why your partnership with CBN Asia and its Family of Ministries means a lot to every needy kababayan. Through its humanitarian arm, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, hundreds of Filipinos find hope and rise above the deprivations they endure.

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One of them is Dave Galangue of Western Samar. To help him continue his schooling, he was chosen as one of the beneficiaries of Operation Blessing’s Back-to-School program and received a pedicab to support his financial needs. To address the shortage of potable drinking water, Operation Blessing built a deep well in their community.

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“I spend my earnings on buying food and for school projects. Thank you very much, Operation Blessing! If it weren’t for you, my life would not have changed,” Dave said.

Just like Dave, the life of Marjorie Mabatan changed after being an Operation Blessing scholar. Last May, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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Because of poverty, Jesse Malaur of Misamis Oriental suffered for 19 years due to his clubfoot. “They would make fun of me because of my crooked foot. I would always cry whenever they do that.”

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But Jesse’s mother, who is a laundrywoman, has no means of supporting his medication. Operation Blessing learned about his condition and sent him to a partner hospital in Davao where he underwent free surgery to correct his clubfoot. Today, Jesse can walk normally and is fully healed.

Their lives are reminders that collective efforts are needed to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.

Likewise, God’s compassion shows that everyone has the ability to help end poverty in the Philippines. He inspires people to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, as said in Micah 6:8 GNB, “No, the Lord has told us what is good. What he requires of us is this: to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God.”

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God has demonstrated love and He expects you to show that compassionate, constant love to those who need it most. You are privileged to be part of His work in restoring the broken and uplifting the poor. Because when you help the needy, you don’t just become a vessel of hope – you also help them live with dignity.

Spark hope by partnering with CBN Asia! Visit the CBN Asia or Operation Blessing websites and help change lives.

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