BreakTambayan goes “No Filter” with New Host Neo Rivera

Watch out, Breakers! It’s a #NoFilter November.

Are you too caught up with social media trends? Do you use filters in pursuit of your feed goals? Are you cautious about your image in the online world?

New BTambayan with Neo

The newest breaker, online influencer and theater actor Neo Rivera, joins host Trish Chu on the all-new, exciting episodes of #ICanBreakthrough’s Breaktambayan this November.

Thrilled to give you tips and practical understanding on topics that are challenging to discuss, yet are relevant for the millennials, the duo will go “no filter” on the pilot episode and will dare to bare valuable insights about social media filters, and the self-image people “flex” online.

“The 1st episode will be all about how we present ourselves to others through our social media accounts. It’s a good topic – it’s about being true to yourself, to know up to what extent your filters in life should be. Should we have a different persona online, or should we just present our true selves? We will try to answer that,” Neo expressed.

Neo, who is also a known face in the online world as a vlogger, shares that the show’s purpose made him say yes to joining Breaktambayan, and reassured the audience that #iCanBreakthrough is a “good go-to material for those who have questions in life and in need of answers and wisdom.”

On the other hand, Trish encourages the audience that if they’re looking for a safe place online, Breaktambayan is one thing they could add on their list.

“The goal of BreakTambayan is to talk about the issues that not everyone is talking about but are real, and present, and can be felt. That’s what they need to check out because finally, there’s an avenue where we can talk about such issues. We are their safe place and at the same time, we’re here to help and guide them,” Trish explained.

Lastly, Neo and Trish invite everyone to join them as they dig deep on how millennials filter their lives on social media, how it affects the self-image, and how each person is uniquely created in the image of God.

“You’ll see here that we’re not made to be a copycat of other people, and we’re made in the image and likeness of God so we’re unique in our very own ways. So, I’d like to invite everyone, please do watch Breaktambayan. Watch out for our first episode, it would be fun!” Neo ended.

Stay tuned! Visit iCanBreakThrough and catch Neo and Trish in BreakTambayan this November.


  • Editha rivera

    Continue to be a good servant of God son and share your God given talents…

    • Thank you, Editha. To God be the glory! May the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. The Lord is with you. If you need prayers call us anytime at 8-737-0700. God bless you always!

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