Would you still choose to give when you only have 4 years left to live?

Without hesitation, Abraham Gorospe answered a resounding “yes.”

Abraham Gorospe 1

Diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure, Abraham was told that he only has 4 years left to live.

Instead of shutting his world down, Abraham allowed this trial to mold his heart into humility and generosity.

As a man of music, Abraham used the power of words and melody to praise God for His faithfulness and uplift other people who are also going through tough times.

Abraham Gorospe 2

“Even in our weakness, God can use us. If God can use me when I was strong, He can still use me when I am sick. He said that my strength is in Him,” Abraham shared.

As powerful as the songs he composed, Abraham strongly believes that God has penned his testimony, to serve despite facing a ‘giant’ in his life.

He did not waste those 4 years. He spent it by pouring out his talents and blessing others. Aside from being actively involved in church ministry, he helped various non-governmental organizations, including The 700 Club Asia.

Abraham Gorospe 3

“Whenever I watch the program, I am deeply encouraged by the many, many changed lives, that we continued giving. We want to partner with them; the Lord has convicted us to continue giving,” Abraham recalled.

Despite having to undergo dialysis thrice a week spending for it, his unwavering support to God’s ministry never falters. He clings to God’s promise in Isaiah 40:31:

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

“Giving is a blessing itself. I experienced that,” he expressed.

Abraham Gorospe 4

Abraham was diagnosed to have 4 years left to live, yet he is still alive and fruitful to this day.

“Continue to hope and have faith in Him, cling on to Him, and He will be the source of your everything. When you give your time, talent, and even your treasures to the Lord, that’s a blessing. I feel God’s blessing every time I do that,” Abraham ended.

Abraham Gorospe 5

To Abraham, the Lord has renewed not just his strength but his talents and disposition in life. More than compassion and selflessness, the grace of God encourages Abraham to give.

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