There are Children in Need, How would you like to Help?

Wilda believes that her 5 children are all precious blessings from God.

Operation Blessing Wilda Medolar 1

“I always pray to God to help us with our daily needs, for my children’s strength so they won’t be sick. For us to be able to eat 3 timed a day, that would be enough,” shares Wilda Medolar of Northern Samar.

But no matter how hard Wilda and her husband try to provide for their little angels, their efforts still fall short to make ends meet. Her husband works as a mechanic in Manila, but his earnings cannot suffice all their needs.

As a result, her daughters Adille and Nicole experienced extreme malnutrition, which hampered their growth, and they are both sickly.

Operation Blessing Wilda Medolar 2

As a loving mother, it pains Wilda to see her daughters in that kind of situation, “it’s very, very difficult whenever the kids get sick – I always think about how to make them well,” she said, weeping.

So, when the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines Inc. (OB) visited San Isidro, Northern Samar, Wilda found a lifeline.

Her daughters Adille and Nicole were chosen as beneficiaries of the Bless a Child program. For 10 months, the girls were given free nutritious meals every day. To ensure their health’s progress, they also received free vitamins and underwent medical checkups each month.

Operation Blessing Wilda Medolar 3

Day by day, the kids show improvement not only in their physique but also in their whole well-being.

Through Operation Blessing, Wilda’s prayers for her children came to pass. Because of your continuous support and generous donations, their family felt God’s goodness and love.

Operation Blessing Wilda Medolar 4

“I am very happy that my daughters were chosen for the program. Thank you, Operation Blessing, for giving us hope, and for taking care of my children’s well-being,” Wilda ended.

Operation Blessing Wilda Medolar 5

John 15:12, says “love each other as I have loved you”. And it is such a great demonstration of love for others as you support those who are in need, especially the children, with prayers and support.

Know how you can support children in need by visiting Operation Blessing’s website and Facebook page.

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