Pregnant Teenager – Seeking Salvation

Carmela Gozum Salvation 1

When her boyfriend couldn’t take responsibility after finding out that she is pregnant, Carmela saw herself alone, confused, and lonely.

Afraid to tell her condition to her parents, the 19-year-old Carmela kept it a secret. As time passed by, she can’t hide the symptoms of pregnancy any longer. Anxiety and regret paralyzed her.

“I can’t do anything but cry. I wondered what would happen to my future. What would be the future of my child,” Carmela lamented.

Carmela Gozum Salvation 2

In her distress, she thought of ending it all.

“I already conceived it in my mind. But when I got closer to the weapon, I heard a whisper saying, ‘don’t do it’. Then I realized, I still want to live, for my child,” she recalled.

Carmela decided to break free from all the guilt and fear. She confessed her situation to her parents who, by the grace of God, accepted her with arms wide open. Carmela’s mother felt the agony after knowing that her daughter suffered in silence for so long.

Still wondering what future lies ahead for her and her family, the pregnant teenager came across a video on the Facebook page of The 700 Club Asia, featuring the life story of actress Bettinna Carlos. Like Carmela, Bettinna had an unexpected pregnancy yet entrusted all her worries to the Lord.

Carmela Gozum Salvation 3

To Carmela, the actress’ testimony uplifted her spirit.

“We’re both single mothers, and the Lord became her [Bettinna] strength. That’s when I realized that maybe, I can overcome too if I depend on the Lord? I asked the Lord’s forgiveness for all the times that I failed yet He’s still with me. His love is beautiful,”

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That moment, Carmela surrendered her life to the Lord and found salvation in the midst of her affliction. In the midst of her shaky ground, the love of the Lord became her fortress.

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As a symbol of God’s sovereignty in all the seasons of her life, the young mother named her little angel Loureign Ruth – a wordplay for “Lord You reign.”

Carmela Gozum Salvation 6

Through ups and downs, Carmela and her family held on to the assurance that God holds them together and would never let them go.

“I feel like I’m a new person now. And I can’t make it through if not because of the Lord’s faithfulness to me,” a hopeful Carmela said.

Are you also in the middle of confusion or affliction? Feel free to reach out to the CBN Asia Prayer Center or call 8-737-0-700.

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