Giving as worship – CBN Asia Pillars celebrated God’s Favor and Faithfulness

A day of thanksgiving and extraordinary blessings.

To appreciate the unfaltering support of the CBN Asia partners and recognize God’s faithfulness in their lives, the CBN Asia Pillars celebrated their 15th Annual Gathering and Fellowship at The 700 Club Asia studio in Makati, on October 24.

Pillars 2019 1

CBN Asia long-time committed partners termed as Pillars opened the gathering by honoring God through songs of praise and worship.

Pillars 2019 2

Together, they happily recalled the milestones and highlights of CBN Asia’s 25 years that were all possible because of their generous giving – most especially the All for the One Worship Concert at the Big Dome last October 1.

Pillars 2019 3

To acknowledge their contributions in sharing the gospel and blessing the nations, CBN Asia gave Kingdom Builders, Global Partners, Nation Builders, and Servant Leaders awards to the Pillars.

Heart-piercing testimonies filled the whole studio as world-renowned fashion designer Amir Sali, dubbed as the “Prince of Beads”, shared his inspiring life story. To Amir, supporting the CBN Asia and its family of Ministries is his way of worshipping the Lord.

Pillars 2019 4

“I cannot thank God enough. God has given so much. Of all the things God has given to me, it is nothing. It is just a gesture, an act of worship. Doing such thing is an act of worship,” said the Dubai-based designer Amir, who was born and raised in Mindanao.

Likewise, Rosemarie Oamil, owner of the global fashion brand Mele + Marie pointed out that it is the Lord who elevated her family from the lowest valleys to greater heights. Thus, enabling them to easily give back to His ministry.

Pillars 2019 5

“I leaned on Him. Money will follow, our heart and intimacy with the Lord should be first,” expressed Rosemarie.

Looking forward to 25 more years and beyond, CBN Asia President & CEO and The 700 Club Asia host Peter Kairuz capped the event through a powerful prayer.

Pillars 2019 6

“The Lord has prompted many of you to give and you didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. Every time the Lord poses an opportunity before you, it is actually His opportunity to bring a blessing to our lives,” CBN Asia President Peter Kairuz ended.

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