Are you Praying for Healing? – Gideon Robillos Testimony

Gideon did not expect that he would be.

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 1

As a medical doctor, Gideon Robillos, MD believes that good health plays an important factor in one’s well-being. He has an active lifestyle and is passionate in playing tennis.

But one tragic day, he lost his balance while in the game. His hard fall resulted to severe swelling of his left leg that eventually led to blood clot, also known as hematoma.

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 2

Despite undergoing treatment and medication, the excruciating pain persisted. Gideon sought the help of an orthopedic doctor who advised him that for his muscle to repair, he has to stop his favorite sport and avoid activities that could strain his leg.

“I was so devastated because it’s a sport that I love too much, yet it will be taken away from me? It [also]  disturbed me a lot because it was so hard for me to walk,” Gideon lamented.

Waiting for his leg to heal after 4 months seemed like forever to Gideon. Enduring his condition, he heard many good things about the healing mercy of God.

“That time I was so desperate. I said, ‘Lord, I want to experience Your healing power as well,’ ” he uttered.

Gideon was in this condition when he chanced upon The 700 Club, when the host Gordon Robertson was praying for healing for someone who suffers from leg injury. He immediately joined the prayer and ultimately discovered the path to his own healing.

“After extending my hand, I cried. I had goosebumps and can’t explain the feeling. I felt the Lord’s presence,” Gideon recalled.

Few days went on and the doctor was still expectant of his miracle. He was in awe when he experienced it first-hand.

“The hematoma was gone, wow! My skin lightened. Wow, praise God!” Gideon exclaimed, after realizing that he can now pursue his passion for sports again.

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 3

Later on, Gideon and his wife attended a dinner with the Asian Center for Missions (ACM), the missionary training arm of CBN Asia. This encounter led them to help missionaries and they decided to bless the organization.

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 4

As part of Missionary Care, Gideon’s family opened their home to missionaries who visit their community and took care of the missionaries’ health condition, “Blessing talaga ang [The] 700 Club, especially ang ACM. As they reach out to people, ‘yong experience ng fulfillment (you experience fulfillment).”

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 5

Through their faithfulness and generosity to God’s ministry, they were blessed with a wellness business and saw it as a way of serving the Lord. “Life’s greatest career is the service to God. We were created to serve the Lord,” Gideon ended.

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 6

Romans 8:28 says, “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” From praying for healing to being healed, Gideon realized his calling in life by helping other missionaries and loving God.

Gideon Robillos healing ACM 7

Are you also praying for healing? You can call CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0-700. If you’re like Gideon who have the heart to support missionaries, you may contact Asian Center for Missions website and Facebook page.

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