Rise Up, Man Of God! – Beyond Small Talk

Yes, you!

Society, media, and culture have long defined what manhood is, but Jesus, who embodied true masculinity, wants you to rise up, take your place, and be the man who He has called you to be.

Beyond Small Talk season 6

Join Beyond Small Talk in this 7-week study about God’s framework for men with The 700 Club Asia co-host Erick Totañes, actor Jan Manual, and CBN Asia President & CEO Peter Kairuz.

“This new season of Beyond Small Talk came from my heart towards my friends. I wanted to help the men understand God’s framework for them, the gravity of their roles in our society, and the importance of doing it with our great Father,” Producer Clyde Tamayo shares.

You will discover the importance of building your life in prayers, practical tips on how you can cultivate your relationship with Him, and ways to deal with sin and temptations.

Questions about relationships and seasons are also discussed, the hosts will help you have a deeper understanding on why you need to go through life’s processes and its purpose.

Being a man of God acknowledges the significance of Christian brotherhood, surrounding yourself with people who will encourage, guide, and mentor you. One of the webisodes will tackle this as well.

Whether you’re single or married, learn the value of your role as men in marriage and parenting and a whole lot more!

“In this new season, I pray that our audience would understand what it means to be a man in the present times and how Jesus, the ultimate example of manhood, should be their role model for it,” Clyde added.

So, stay tuned for another wisdom-packed season every Saturday, 7pm, starting September 7, 2019, at The 700 Club Asia Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

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