CBN Asia on its 25th – A Childhood Dream Fulfilled

For Aby Sebastian, working at CBN Asia was just but a faraway dream when she was a young, free-spirited girl watching Superbook during the ‘80s.

“I didn’t plan for this to happen, but God reminded that I am now literally walking on the company I once dreamed to be with,” she shared bright-eyed.

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Aby has been the Web Producer and Team Lead for the iCanBreakThrough campaign under the Digital Media Department, but before she became an employee, she recalled being a Super Kid, now called Certified Batang Superbook.

“I remember signing up as a member of the Super Kids Club and receiving different sorts of fun activity kits that I loved as a child,” she recalled.

Growing up with a strict religious background, Aby was prohibited from watching programs that may go against their beliefs, but Superbook was an exception.

“My parents allowed me to watch Superbook because it depicted the Bible stories accurately and as a kid, the graphic illustrations gave me the interest to read the Bible more and understand God’s Word,” she said.

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Little did she know, Jesus was using the animated Bible series to introduce Himself to her as her Lord and Savior.

“At a young age, I learned to be independent and Superbook became my companion,” she narrated.

“I remember the moments where I would sing Superbook’s theme song then, “Jesus is the Way.” I know that as young and innocent as I was, I already accepted Him because I believed what I was singing. Through Superbook, Jesus became planted in my heart and it brought me nearer to Him,” she added with tears of joy.

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Armed with God’s Word, years have passed and Aby can still recall the times how the “David and Goliath” Superbook webisode helped her fight her battles.

There was a season in her life when she felt like everyone, seems to be against her. She felt alone, rejected, and unloved.

But then, the story of how David defeated Goliath reminded her that even though you feel small and insignificant, nobody, not even the giants you’re facing, can take away the destiny God has for you and He will equip you to fight them.

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“I am a living proof on how CBN Asia has been an instrument to touch lives of people and that started when I was just a kid,” Aby testifies.

“When I entered CBN Asia, it became my healing place. I felt safe. I learned to value myself as a person, a woman, and a mother. It also opened my eyes on how character is more important than talents,” she ended.

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